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Hey guys,
Are TROULEG's still made?
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Thanks for the reply..
wha'ts the successor??
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Thanks guys..
What would be the as close a fit to zatiny but with a straight leg? other than viker since i don't "love" the pockets so far apart.. and if it would be viker is it true that vikers run longer? If I wear a length 34 in Zatiny could I wear length 32 in viker? but again I would love an alternative to viker as I mentioned.
Thanks again
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^ maybe reyhan?
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Does anyone know which is tighter at the thighs of Timmen and Safado?
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Then why is Timmen slimmer than Safado on the list?
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Because Timmen is tapered and Safado is a straight cut.
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But they are both under straight leg and the description is:

TIMMEN: Straight leg, slim fit, high rise.
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high rise typically equals relaxed thighs. especially if you don't wear them high. and that master cut list is not perfect.
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Okay thanks.

Will it look okay if i sized down on Timmens, when i usually wear Thanaz's?
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you could. i used to size down on safado from my thanaz size. waist will be tighter though.
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Ok thanks
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Hello guys i need some expert tip about a timmen fit for the 8gi. I got a 73i in 36/32 that fits well and my 8lk in 34/32 fits perfekt. I also got an 8xy in 36/32 that is too big and a 8lg in 36/32 thats also too big. So my question is does anybody know if i buy an 8gi in 36 if it will fit because every jeans got its own size? Please i need some help

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And i have also tried an 8rs the 34 was too small and the 36 too wide

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Wow, awesome list, glad I finally found something that describes the cuts.


My problem, is that I have large legs (quads), and wear a size 31 waist now.  Currently, about the only jeans comfortable are some Lucky's 181, which have a thigh measurement from crotch to outside leg of about 13".


Been looking for a pair of Diesel jeans that would work, and it seems like from what I've heard, it would be Quratt, but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions?  I prefer straight or bootcut.  Thanks.

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I have heard that shioner followed by thanaz are the tighest fits. Help on this please icon_smile.gif

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Of the current skinny jeans as far as tight fits go it is:





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Poiak is Slammers successor - not so skinny as Thanaz / Shioner / Tazy. From what I remember was the slimmest cut Gloovy (already discontinued).

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Hey, the only Diessl Jeans I own is Quratt-are the kratts exactly the same, or, what are the difference?


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thanks for those who created this thread. made this clear!

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i could think of 3 cuts not on the list, COCHISE, NEW SADDLE, AND FELLOW.....


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Sorry posted in wrong thread reposted in "ID This" thread.





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