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haha this thread should be called "break the bank but hey treat urself!"
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Originally Posted by themeanjulibean View Post
no you want a 28 cause they run small
LOL. yeah, i didn't know why i put down a 26 when i knew they run small. lol. guess i've been always sizing down alot lately with RR. yeah, a 28 it is. Thank you!!
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WOW! Awesome find!
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Originally Posted by Bebear View Post
no they're sold out. Someone bought 2 of the 4. Why do I have to eat at all?!
I only got one but I'm not sure they'll fit me if they run small. I'll let you know first if they don't work out for me.
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the 24's might be too small for mee....who else got 25s? i have a pair of sz 25 radions and they fit just fine but the 24's but might too tight...i sure hope not
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i got the 25s...and from the looks of things i could probably do it since im a pretty solid 24, and even some 24s like Tahitis and Dojos are too tight on my hip bone. The 25 crowns are a 27 waist and 33 hip......

do they stretch out like crazy?
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the 80/20 blend doesnt stretch at all...which is both good and bad i suppose. heh
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Radion doesn't stretch much. Could someone PM me if they see a 26 or 27? I'm still looking for my 1st pair of crowns.
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Thanks Pewter. Surely I hope they'll work out for you since they're so nice, but if they don't I'll be glad to take them off your hand.

Originally Posted by Pewter View Post
I only got one but I'm not sure they'll fit me if they run small. I'll let you know first if they don't work out for me.
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^Thanks Bebear! I'll definitely let you know first if they don't work out for me. That seller said they might get some more in next week, and they had so many so hopefully more will pop up!
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Guys, I'm really scared. I just paid for the pants via Paypal and I accidentally funded the transaction with my dollar balance. I'm f'ed if they're not authentic!!! Dear lord, please let them be real.
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^I can't imagine that seller would get away with selling fakes when she lists that high volume of jeans. Also Crossmyheart just posted a thread about getting some gold kiedis from that seller... Not sure if she got them yet though.

Paypal usually covers up to $175 on their own though if you file a claim. I think it'll be ok. We'll see soon I guess.
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^^I searched for a thread about this seller and members posted in that thread saying that she does sell authentics. Also, someone on here just received a pair of silver crowns from her and said they are authentic. I think it'll be okay, I have yet to receive my gold kiedis though since I just got them yesterday night
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The jeans are definitely real. I got crowns from her and she ships super fast. So no worries
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Phewf! Thanks gals, I feel a little better already.

Note to self: deposit dollar balance into savings account immediately next time.
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so is it not safe to buy with the balance money on paypal account? what is the worst that could happne? so only use CC?
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congrats everyone
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Again, I missed all of the FUN! I was exhausted and went to bed early - another BIG MISTAKE! I would have loved for someone to pick me up a pair of 24/25. I am so BUMMED! Oh well, I will just keep an eye on their auctions!
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I wanted a pair but the inseam is too short. Oh why couldnt it be the normal R&R inseam.
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Did anyone figure out why the inseam is so short? Lucky you to have over a 34" inseam!
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I have these in 24 and they fit like 23. They're one of my tightest fitting jeans and I usually buy 23s. Mine didn't come with 33'' inseam. I usually hem them to that lenght and I had to chop off inches of my silvers. I think it's strange that they're listed so short.

Has anyone gotten additional pics from the seller, of the tag and jeans? I know someone has already gotten them, are the measurements accurate?

If they truly are real, congrats to all you lucky girls. They are awesome jeans and it's a bargain price
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tone youre back how was youre
bad news you have missed all the great jeans
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Wow, great deal!! Congratulations everyone!!! I missed out again.

If these pop up again in a 26, can someone BIN for me? I will be forever grateful!!! Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by cindy fourneau View Post
tone youre back how was youre
bad news you have missed all the great jeans
Hi Cindy, I'm back! And I'm fully aware of the fact that I've missed out on a LOT of juicy R&Rs.... And a lot in my size, I'm never leaving my computer again, ever
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