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If saleenguru did it, it was by mistake.

I have dealt with this guy since I joined this forum and he has been nothing but honest with me and others.

And he wouldnt be so blatent as to try and knowingly sell fakes with this group of denim enthesitasts. He is openly showing the tags ect so he obviously didnt know.

Just my .02
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They are real and i dont deal with fakes i know the difference from fake to real believe me. Once my better camera USB cable is purchased ill take a better picture of them. and post

The only way i couldnt tell if they were fake is that the LAB On the jeans is different from some others --the color--i have about 9 pairs of ZAF's

--does ZAF have different LAB 3 digit numbers. IF they are fake and OFFENDED someone that bad im sorry.

the jeans have all authentic diesel buttons and rivets. same distintive color as all my other zafs'
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Those zaf's in the pics are fake. Period.
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I believe they're real also....and yes they do have different 3 digit labs.....

microstitching is jus glared or something....which also makes that blue thread look more "vibrant" than the rest

I say shitty pics.......sorry Saleen
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If you have a scanner try to make a scan of the tag. Usually that turns out way better than any pics taken by camera.
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These look just like the pair of fakes I spotted on the rack at the DC Chinatown Urbn. They just looked "off" hanging next to all the other, authentic, pairs. The inner tag also looked good, and I had to reeeaaally squint to tell for sure that the microstitching did NOT have the |D|I|E|S|E|L| written on it.

Aside from the fact the denim felt a little stiffer/rougher than the authentic pairs, it was almost harder to tell they were fake up close, than from far away. Look at that second pic... does that really look like any 796 wash you guys have ever seen?
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IMO, this pair on eBay is of the same variety as the one in question. I would contend that both are fake. LINK.
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Oh c'mon! Look at the tag, this jean is real! Have you ever seen a tag like that wich was faked? The indian is the same!
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What "clear plastic strip" was talkshowsonmute referring to? On each of my five pairs of diesel the strip looks metallic...not clear. None of my pairs are fake--I've bought them all from reputable dealers and checked before buying that the tags either say "made in Italy" or "Morocco," as well as that they looked consistent (wash, fabric) with the rest of the stock for each particular style.

On a related note, the jeans in the picture look real; the picture is probably just of such low quality that certain features (microstitching) aren't distinguishable as genuine. Since variations in wash are to be expected, who is to say that the wash in the picture isn't just a product of chance? Not all 71j's have the same level of distressing or exact shade of fading. Highly distressed/treated washes (such as the 796 w/rust) vary more than the cleaner washes (88z, 8aa, 70c, 88g, etc). Isn't wash variation generally understood as a common occurrence (hell, I have even seen great variation in the aqua "highlights" on 60f). I think that some critics on this forum are far too paranoid.

And yes, I know I'm a guest. I'll get around to registering soon--before anyone tells me again.
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Originally Posted by hocky08 View Post
What "clear plastic strip" was talkshowsonmute referring to? On each of my five pairs of diesel the strip looks metallic...not clear.

Now compare his other auctions which are of real Zaf 796 to the pics he originally posted and russ' above.



it's the little details that give it away like the wash, distressing, TAG pics! It's not that we're paranoid, it's justy when you have seen so many, it becomes like a second nature That's not to say we're right all the time :P
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The thread has been locked, as no tag pics have been added as I asked for.

Post a new thread with some pics of the tags please..
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