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William Rast Jeans -how do they fit

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Does anyone know how these fit? I'm looking at some Stella bootcuts...colour Gloom. They look really nice. I'm normally a size 31 (sometimes) or 32 (mostly) in TRs. What would I be in these?
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I have two pairs of WR jeans (sadie streamline and stella dotted) and I think they fit pretty true to size.

I don't own any TR so I am sorry, I can not compare.
My friend just won an auction for some stella's in gloom (really nice wash) last night, she is really excited to get them!
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True to size to maybe somewhat large, maybe. But I only tried on a pair and it was a medium/kinda dirty wash. I went with my normal size and it was not tight at all, it fit perfectly so that probably meant I should have sized down because they would have stretched out. The denim was very comfortable but I couldn't get used to the wash after being so familiar with the wash patterns of COH/SFAM/R&R/TR, lol.
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Hi -just thought I'd follow up on this if anyone cares. I tried some William Rast jeans on here in Toronto. The denim was really nice and so was the colour -I tried Evening in Stella bootcut and Sadie straight leg. As for fit, I say they fit really big...size down at least 1, if not 2 sizes from a TR size. I'm normally a 32 in TR, sometimes 31. In the William Rast, I fit in a 30 in both the bootcut and the straight leg. 30s were a tiny bit tight, but would have been perfect if they stretch out at all with wear.
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I have tried on the stella's at holt renfrew and I usually need a tts 28, small 29 in jeans and I needed a 27's in the stella's, even having a waist that is 1-2 bigger than the rest of my body. So definately size down or maybe two

And the fit is wonderful and they are on my wishlist
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jeangirl : where are you getting them from??? I want the same pair in a sz 31
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They are amazing jeans too. I bought them and even though it was just yesterday and I haven't worn them yet (no jeans at work), I love them. cbrooke -I bought them at Aritzia. I got Sadie straight leg in Evening in size 31 (I prefer my jeans loser, but 30 also fit, but a bit tight). You could give them a call and see if they have more in inventory somewhere. They've transferred stuff from other stores to Toronto for me in the past. Or, they have them at Over the Rainbow in Toronto. If you want to pay me, I can get them for you and send them...you're in BC, right...so no customs fees and stuff. They go for $265 plus Ontario tax and GST (14%). Let me know or PM me.
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Hmmm, that is pretty pricey! I am spoiled by HM now, no more retail for me I have seen some at Aritzia in Vancouver, so I guess I will take a trip down there and try them on. I wonder if they maybe will go on sale after Christmas...I don't think the line has really taken off here yet?

Plus I need bootcut, just can't do the straight leg thing
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The straight leg are actually a bit bootcut. I folded them up to the knee, and the bottom is actually wider than the knee part, so it does flare out modestly. Aritzia doesn't have bootcut. They just had flare which were too wide, and straight leg. I don't think they'll go on sale much. Aritzia usually has bad sales...like $10 off a pair of $260 jeans...not worth the fight on boxing day. Retail prices suck in Canada, you're right. Let me know if you find any.
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I'm a 31/32 in TR/ and the 31 in WR fit so nicely! I wanted them so badly but couldn't justify forking out $230 for them-
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