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Help me identify

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Hey guys,
I'm looking to sell a pair of jeans but I really don't know what wash it is. It looks like a 674 on a black pair of denim instead on a white pair! Are these also called 674?
They don't have a mod tag

anyways here are the pics:

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damn 4 image function! I could only post 3 this time what a BS!
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Nice jeans.
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Now tht's a real RARE Diesel~
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Originally Posted by donnynsc
Now tht's a real RARE Diesel~
yep that shit must be rare and old! nevert saw it + it doesn't even have a mod & lav tag
But it looks like a 84u with the 674 mud on.
The 674 is mud on a white jeans and this one has the same mud on a black jeans I think.
looking to sell tomorrow so please help me out with the wash - or what should I list them as
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Whow Leo! These are damn nice!!!
How is the feel of them? Are they as stiff as 674, or more cotton like?
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they are more like the 674
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Die schauen wirklich supergeil aus!

Kann aber leider auch nicht weiterhelfen was die Waschung betrifft, sorry.
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jup farblich gefällt sie mir auch ganz gut. Sieht wirklich stark wie eine schwarze Zathan 674 aus.
Ich werd sie einfach mal also "dark 674" oder so reinstellen.
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very nice!
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