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oh no, i'm gonna be out of town today, i hope if she finds my request(s) she doesn't sell them to someone else.
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I thought you were reserving those items we requested from you. Or are you putting them in the HM and whoever pm's you first gets them. I hope not, b/c that would really suck that someone requested something and another person gets them. Just a little confused...
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I'm confused too. I'm think she's probably deciding what to do now. She probably had a ridiculous amount of PM's and now she's thinking she should just sell them on HM to make some extra cash. Just a theory.
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ya i bet she had tons and tons of requests that its so hard to keep up on who wanted what first so shes making it easier for herself..

so first come first serve now!
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I'm sure A LOT of us wanted the same thing anyway and if she puts them up for sale in HM, then it's fair game.
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did anyone ask for gold keidis in 25?
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sooo... likee.... tick tick tick... ahhaah
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i know.. i've been coming back all day .

hopefully she doesn't have anything for me so i can stop spending so much money...
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god why the hell am i so broke...........
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hey. so i had like a million requests and it seems like most of the requests were for crowns which i couldn't really find. i would really like to give everyone what they requested but it's hard to go through everything. If i see something i will send a pm otherwise i'm starting to put things up in HM now. Also i would be willing to trade anything i have for size 26 or 27 in turmoil or krypton wash, or really just make me an offer (26/27). i'm listing measurments, It seems like a lot runs big but some measurements seem big because the denim is rigid, an there were some pairs that were TTS or small.
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I'm first to pm u after this post ^^ but ur inbox fulled
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i guess i have to study later on (just like when izzy posted her jeans) and wait for this
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yea me to.
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Will you be posting them soon...I am waiting up and excited!
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she posted some 23s now...
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Any sz 31s to come????
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did anyone get their reserved orders?
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She isn't reserving orders from what she posted above.
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Originally Posted by veralynn View Post
OK, so I decided to go to NYC tomorrow and check out Century 21. I'm planning on buying a bunch to sell on here or on ebay. If anyone has any requests I'd be glad to get them if i find them. I can check my pm's tomorrow morning at about 6am but after that I won't be able to. So, If you defininately want a specific pair and it's after 6 am here's what you should do (i hope nothing bad happens here). text my cell (802-579-2331) with the style and size and make sure to tell me your honestforum username so i know who it's for. If you want to reserve one ahead of time i'll give them to you for $149 shipped, otherwise i think i'm going to go with Izzy's price of $159. So wish me luck. And don't worry if i don't respond to texts. I'll be back tomorrow night.

To a European newbie...this Century 21, do they just sell jeans with "minor flaws" on or can you find "perfect" R&R´s? What is Century 21?
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any skinny or straight legs in a 24 please
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