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La or Madrid crown in 28/29/30 please grab for me if you see one.

thanks for your work

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Sign up here Century 21 Department Stores - Coupon - Discount Designer Clothing and Accessories
to receive a 15% off coupon good on $100 or more purchase at Century 21.
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Umm... Methinks veralynn will be quite overwhelmed when she logs into HF tomorrow morning.
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Originally Posted by veralynn View Post
i'll have to trust you guys with it

It's not us you should be worried about. This forum has 10,000 members, not to mention lurkers.
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^ it's actually 10,002 members.

and does anyone know if she's coming back to check pms at 6am her time? which should be right about now?
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I hope I'm not too late but I want crowns and fleurs in 24 as well.
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Thank you so much for offering!!!
If I'm not too late, either pink OR yellow fleurs in 25 or 26 I really want pink!!!

Thanks again, that's very sweet of you.
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YES! I would like Crowns in 24, 25 at the largest (interest in this order: pink, gold, blue, white); Kiedis Skulls, and Kiedis w/ Gold R's, both in 24. PM me, please!
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wow you're very nice! if you can find 70s wash crowns or dopium flaming hearts in a 24 or 25, i'll love you forever!
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Just to let you all know, sorry if I disappoint, if she decides to go to the century 21 across world trade center site, there are no more crowns, fleurs, gold Rs, flaming hearts, or skulls
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Is Century 21 having a sale? I am going to NYC in March from UK. I wondered if it is worth while looking in this store if it has R+R?
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I would go to Century 21 todayyy but I have to study for my finalss..... And no $$..
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looks like we cleaned them out LOL damn it was a frenzy yesterday!!! i felt so sorry for the sellers!!! they were prob harassed w/ pm's all day long!
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i'm probably too late and i don't think i can text from canada...

but i'd really like size 23 or 24 silver r ruckus jaggers!
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We'll continue to make attempts to reserve. i'd like Gold Kiedis sz 26 or anything in dark denim tts 26. Thank you!
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haha last as always, but it doesn't hurt to try
anything in a size 23/24 will do - especially kiedis/jagger agent sigs
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Kiedis Ruckus sz 31...or Kiedis/Roth Agent sz 31...or basically any style (except jagger) with the 2 Rs and big &
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I need Dark Trick Roths in a 31 and Amethyst Scorpions in a 30 or 31! (If they have them)
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So here's the update. I bought 55 pairs of jeans. Unfortunately there were hardly any crowns left. I may have one or two pairs. I'm going to go through it all later tonight and see if i have the things that people requested. and then the rest I'll just put up in Honest Mall tonight or tomorrow. Just to let you all know there was a lot in the 24/25 range and some bigger sizes but not too much in between. i even got a couple 23's if anyone is interested. anyway keep an eye out later tonight.
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i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i'm so excited
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man, I hope there were some 27 crowns or fleurs!!
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i pmd u about what i requested
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oh cool! I'm gonna stay awake all night waiting!!!
If you have a silver R ruckus in 26 of gold R's in 27, please keep me in mind!
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Hi veralynn,
We all had requests of course, did you manage to find anything we asked for?
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