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Century 21...any requests?

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OK, so I decided to go to NYC tomorrow and check out Century 21. I'm planning on buying a bunch to sell on here or on ebay. If anyone has any requests I'd be glad to get them if i find them. I can check my pm's tomorrow morning at about 6am but after that I won't be able to. So, If you defininately want a specific pair and it's after 6 am here's what you should do (i hope nothing bad happens here). text my cell (802-579-2331) with the style and size and make sure to tell me your honestforum username so i know who it's for. If you want to reserve one ahead of time i'll give them to you for $149 shipped, otherwise i think i'm going to go with Izzy's price of $159. So wish me luck. And don't worry if i don't respond to texts. I'll be back tomorrow night.
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I want white or silver Madrid or la crowns 29 for tts crowns or 30 if they run small please!!
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sz 24 or 25 crowns for me pleaseee!
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just get anything in 26s. It seems that there are so few of that size in the HM !!
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i reserved! pm'd you =)
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which crowns are TTS? im such a dork i dont know the sizing but i want one!

pink foam london or madrid crowns please
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crowns! sz 28s
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crowns and pink fleur 24 please
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could you please grab me madrid or london crown in size 29.
if they dont have any crowns, could you get me fleurs in lead size 29 (if they run tts but if they run big 28 please)! :]
thank you SOOO much!
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white or silver madrid crowns in 25 please
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I would take Madrid Crowns, preferably silver, but any color (other than gold) available in size 27 if tts or 28 if they run small! Thank you sooo much!!

I believe its only the radion wash (80% cotton/20% elasterell) ones that run small and do not stretch? The dark vapor wash (98% cotton/2% lycra) ones are tts and stretch a bit?
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actually any crowns at size 25 haha
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OK, got the requests and i am going to try my best! I will check again in the morning, and after that you know what to do! Goodnight everyone.
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thank you
good night
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oh, and roth fleurs in 27 as well! Thanks again!!!
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Crowns, Lead Fleurs, Gold Kiedis in 24 please Thanks!!
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That's so sweet of you! But, I really don't think it's a good idea to post your cell phone number on a public forum :/
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i'll have to trust you guys with it
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Wow, I just went through people's requests in this thread. Is there anyone who doesn't want crowns?
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Lead pink fleurs, white/pink crowns 26!
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crowns, pink fleurs, gold kiedis, heck anything in a 24
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you have a text messege ! =)
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Silver ruckus jaggers, any crowns (LA/Madrid) in a 25/26! I think anything you get in a 24/25/26 will definitely sell though.
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I guess I'm too late but in case anyone else msgs her ( I don't know if I can text a person in the US) I would really like a pair of Berlins Skulls, Alpha Wash in sz 24.
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I'm not sure what's available but if you could take a look for a pair of Ray Opium sz 24 I would be grateful!
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