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sz 32 mens bin 34.99

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crap I want these for my bf but he's normally a 33 sometimes 34..think they'd be too small?
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haha i was thinking the same thing for my bf too jess! he is the same size as yours it seems
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i got 'em! I'm sure if they are too small I can always resell
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and thank you tiff!
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yay...im glad you got em!
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do your bfs mind that they're used?

mine had a cow when he found out that i buy used jeans..
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dont tell them haha "nwot hunny I swear"
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i wish that worked!!

sometimes i want to cut up all his nasty jeans so that he'll go buy some nice ones...
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hahahha i think mine would prob freak out about used jeans too.
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yeah I didn't really ask mine how he felt...we'll see!
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My hubby doesn't care if the jeans are used as long as they are in good condition and that I didn't pay too much for them!
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sweetiepie, if they don't work out, keep me in mind when you go to sell. They should fit my hubby
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