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Diesel made in china

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Does Diesel has factory based in China? I've just got a Diesel shirt which made in china, not sure if it's authentic or not. But it's good in quality though. That's why i'm wondering...other than evisu, i don't know any premium brands would do the manufacturing in china.
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yup, i have a few diesel things made in china/macau
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yep they do. i bought the bazyr blazer from ssense and its made in china
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ok thanks!!
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a search couldve answered this

does it have microstitching?

many diesel items are in fact, produced in china/macau/other - as brades has already stated - but NEVER jeans.
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I am going to tell you that they make Diesel almost everywhere, from Belorusia to Brazil, and yes a lot of Diesel shirts and jackets are made in China. Do a search you will be surprised how many times we talk about this.
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Most of their shirts are made in china...
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I feel bad for whoever bought those.
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Worst fake backpockets ever
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