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^ differin is awesome. it's one of the mildest prescription topicals imho. i never turned red or peely like i did with tretinoin or tazorac.

benzaclin is also great.
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Originally Posted by texasplayer View Post
has anyone tried differin? opinions?
i liked differin, best thing i've used but even with insurance it cost too much so i can't use it.
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Originally Posted by _inwonderland View Post
Benzoyl peroxide > salicylic acid, unless you're allergic like b

Quoted from another forum:

"[salicylic acid] less effective than BP

what we learned is that it's a good keratolytic agent, meaning it'll make your skin peel... but in terms of actually treating acne, Benzoyl peroxide owns all... good antibacterial properties, can help dry oily skin w/ alcohol base, available in different bases, etc... it's just supposed to be the main thing to use...

also, i read that salicylic acid in concentrations of less than 3% (i think) can actually WORSEN acne... so i'd stay AWAY from salicylic acid, and definitely go with Benzoyl peroxide if you're having doubts...

i'd say go with a waterbased one to start off, as to not dry out your skin too excessively with alcohol based"
The 2 are different and have different effects on the skin. Salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent (also called a beta hydroxy acid) and it breaks the bonds that keep dead skin cells clinging to the surface of the skin. Which promotes black heads and clogging of pores...

Benzoyl peroxide has a bacterial-killing property. It doesn't help with exfoliation, but in the killing of the bacteria that cause blemishes.

Personally, I find a combination of the 2 (or glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid, and BP) a good combination for keeping skin clear. But if you don't need both, then you don't need both. Use what works for you.
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Originally Posted by gymangel812 View Post
i liked differin, best thing i've used but even with insurance it cost too much so i can't use it.
it's pretty good ... just don't use it if you have sensitive skin ... you won't have any skin left ... oops.

gets rid of those buggers fast!
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i've been taking omega three fatty acid supplements for the past few weeks. I didn't originally take them to help with my skin, but i have noticed a HUGE change in my skin all over my body. it wouldn't hurt to try
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