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r & r chrissy capris

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i think they are real but dont put on links please now anyone could take them before you do
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yes, real...good price.
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did you get them?
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Great price. If you got them, we all are waiting for pics!!
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sorry....i got them. I pm'd Juicygirl asking if she's going to get them but she never reply to my PM. I waited about 4 hours before purchasing. I hope she's not mad at me.
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Alls fair in the world of BINs. Good buy vanl!
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Thanks Jillybean!
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its fine valn, my fault for not replying but yeah i'm glad one of us got em =)
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Hard to tell. Im no R&R expert. But If they're real they're an awesome pice. Try imageshack to and load the images rather than the auction link.
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