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just sell the ones that dont fit to well you never seemed like a greedy person to me either you always seem nice. so if the money isnt an issue just sell ones that dont fit so well to gain back some control
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Aww Tiff,
I am in your neck of the woods if you want me to stop by this week and give you a hug and help you sort out your collection....
I know it is hard. I am at about 30 prs and I am in way over my head. I dont want this many, I dont need this many, but I when I look at them, they usually make me happy... but sometimes ashamed as well....
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i still think that it's "to each their own" in this kinda situation...i don't frown on people who buy items. like my client with shoes or my other client with emma whatever dolls...it is money spend in every case and if the person can handle the dent in their bank accounts that's fine.

it is not a matter of being "materialistic"...if the shoe fits buy it in every color no matter what brand for me!
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hello!! what size are you woman! my ass needs a new pair...i am selling like 10 that don't fit!!
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Admitting you have a problem is the first step; wanting to change is the second, more harder path to take...
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Definitely start by selling the ones that don't fit you. Since you know you will not wear them, that's a good place to start
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I have started lol
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hey dont beat yourself up about it, your not doing any harm to anyone your family is not going short of things because of it and most of all its something you enjoy and you are finiancially stable.....and yes that is a lot of jeans so keep what you like and look good in and slowly ween yourself off the others that dont fit or dont wear...its an addiction (and not a bad one to have lol) and like any addiction you take it slowly, so go girl start with a couple of pairs and you will start to feel good...and like someone else said give some $ to a charity and there is no feeling quite like giving it will give you a real boost to know your helping others so from something you feel is bad something good will come from it.
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Tiff, I don't think you're a greedy person - you just see pairs that you like and you get them. I do think you should first get rid of the ones that aren't your size, and then get rid of ones you don't wear anymore. But at least you're addicted to denim and not something more dangerous.
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^I agree

I would never consider you a greedy person, you are very generous with your time and have helped countless people out by saving them money and stopping them from buying fakes!

But as lust-worthy as your photos are (and they are very, very lust-worthy!) your collection is not practical from a wardrobe standpoint, it's really more a collection and no longer just jeans. I would sell all the jeans that you have never worn before, because that's always a good place to start.

I don't think I have ever regretted selling a pair of jeans that I haven't worn once, it's the ones I do that are much harder to part with even if they don't fit (which is the hardest obstacle to overcome, IMO, because now I attach certain pairs with certain memories and even if they don't fit that well, I can't part with them because they remind me of events/days/people in my life!)

So make it a goal to get rid of all the NWTs, and if you really want to keep them, then find an excuse to wear them at least once and then maybe it's okay to keep because you are still wearing them, and isn't that the point anyway of having jeans that fit (as long as other expenses don't get ignored, and you can afford it!)?
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at least you arent "sick" sick?
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I didn't say that YOU were a greedy person-- I made the statement that Americans in general have become greedy and materialistic. It's the mentality we have as a nation that we always need more, bigger, better, etc.

The fact is that you've stated you think you have a problem-- that you're sick. I counted your pairs and honestly can't see the need for that many. As you've said, many of them aren't even your size...that you buy lots of things you see that's a good deal even if they aren't going to work. There also are many of them that haven't even been worn. I don't see any way to justify having that many of those.

I'm not coming down on you...for a while, I felt the same way. I finally looked at my huge pile of denim and said, "This is too much. I don't need all this." And I sold or am selling every pair I don't wear- and I haven't bough a new pair for quite a while.
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tiff, i get it. when i studied abroad in london a few years ago, i went to Bond Street/Sloane Street/Harrod's/Selfridge's every weekend and bought something new... fendi denim and lizard skin baguette, prada shoes, d&g sunglasses, etc, etc... the final straw for me was when i went into gucci and bought a bag that i had been wanting for months. after i paid and was leaving the store, the woman who sold it to me said "i knew you were going to buy the bag. you looked at it like you would look at your boyfriend." it made me feel like a materialistic monster.

my advice is this.... any pair that still has tags on and you have owned them for more than 2 months can go. anything you havent worn in six months or more can also go. anything you bought for the sake of buying something cheap should also go (unless it's a pair that you wear and love). i bet you will find that a lot of pairs fit into these categories and you can start the process. you'll feel a lot better.
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Originally Posted by ttramell View Post
I sent pic that I took awhile ago of my collection to a news lady and my stomach is sick cause I am a monster and I am way in over my head I dont need all these jeans but cant let go

Addiction to shopping is such a sensitive issue and I think you are very brave to talk about it ttramell. The first step is admitting there is a problem and when you feel sick and ashamed instead of happy and proud..well, that´s just not healthy.

I think it´s a biological thing that women LOVES to shop. We love to nest, to collect and own things. It´s very hard to draw the line were a persons shopping habits are too extreme but I think when your loved ones starts to complain, it´s a clear cut sign that something is really wrong and when you start to feel sick and ashamed over the things you own..

I think you do have a problem, ttramell and I don´t think that this obsession has anything to do with jeans really, it just happend to be "this thing" you get kicks from. Some people collects stamps, some collects cars (like Jay Leno) and some people (like Angelina Jolie) gets their kicks from adopting children and "saving" them from a poverty (this is REALLY disturbing IMO). All these obsessions are very different but the people behind them are really much alike. They are all trying to fill that hole of emptiness, depression, anxiety, stress or some other negative feeling with these different things.

If I were you, I would seek professional help. This is a serious addiction, just like alcohol or drugs and shouldn´t be neglected. If you feel that you have the will power to fix this addiction by yourself, you should make up your mind about how many jeans that are reasonable to own. I´m thinking like 10 pairs tops. If you decide never to own more than 10 pairs, then you can buy and sell as much as you want, just as long as you only got 10 pairs in the closet and not 11 or 12...just 10.

If you for example make 10 your magic number, you don´t have to feel bad or ashamed about your passion and love for jeans and I really think you will be able to wear them and not just "own" them.

I felt that I had too many jeans at one point and decided that 10 pairs are enough and whenever I get more than 10, I sell. This makes me feel REALLY GOOD AND IN CONTROL and I never hear anything negative from my boyfriend anymore

Getting addicted to something is really easy..admitting there is a problem is very hard but doing something about is the hardest!

I found this about shopping addictions and it´s very interesting IMO: Women and Money | Financial advice | Credit Cards | Loans | Mortgages - MSN Money UK - Seven signs you’re addicted to shopping
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oh i'll happily admit that i have a serious jeans buying problem....i have no self control whatsoever
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10 pairs I know that will never happen hubby said a good number for me is abour 25 jeans and what ever crops and shorts I want. I like that number better
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well if 25 is a good number i think i gotta get rid of some too, but i won't b/c i can't pick
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if you ever sell that jeans from that german girl im here i want them and if you have ever a size 28 i want them
i have a the same problem it happens when you are a lot on ebay ore on hf
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Originally Posted by ttramell View Post
10 pairs I know that will never happen hubby said a good number for me is abour 25 jeans and what ever crops ans horts I want. I like that number better
Lol, yeah maybe 10 will be too much of a "cold turkey" for you. Let 25 be the magic number then. Anyway, my thoughts are with you!
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Thanks I have started getting rid
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do you have any in my size ?
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how about 27?
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you know what i do i trade a lot so i get every jeans but i get bored of them a lot and if you trade you get a new jeans whitout so many pairs in youre closed
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post
how about 27?

I think it´s very hard to say what your magic number should be Mine is 10 and I came up with this number thinking that a week has 7 days (so 1 pair to wear each day) and then I have 3 extra pairs (just in case, lol).

IMO 15 pairs are the maximum number because I think that jeans are supposed to be worn. I´m having trouble with wearing my 10 pairs and would probably be ok with just 5 but since I allowed my self the "luxury" of 10 pairs I´m keeping them.

I really believe that many people that have a hard time letting go of material things also have issues about making larger decisions in their lives. I´m certainly one of them but I´m getting better and better.. It´s VERY hard work though, to look at your own pattern of behaviour
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oh i meant size 27
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