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I am so sick :(

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I sent pic that I took awhile ago of my collection to a news lady and my stomach is sick cause I am a monster and I am way in over my head I dont need all these jeans but cant let go
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I hope i am not alone
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Sweetheart, my heart aches with you. You are not alone. I have begun just giving my jeans away and I realize that this jean thing is much deeper than having cool threads to make me look awesome.

Please contact me because you I would love to talk to a kindred spirit. Don't beat yourself up about this....REALLY.
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I feel really sad
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I know it's hard Tiffany I can be the same way.

I will help you sell things if you'd like, you really might feel better once you get rid of ones you don't care about, but it IS okay to hold on to things until you're ready to give them up. If you sell before you want to, you'll replace with 4 new ones.
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I always sel buy more

posting my collection used to make me proud now I am ashamed
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There's no reason to feel sad, hun. It's a collection of something you love. I know someone who collects Santa's. She has over 100+. I know it's not the same but you know what I mean. Don't feel sad. I think we're all here with you on the exact same situation. Be happy!

If you need help with anything, I'm here to help (: Or if you just need someone to talk to!
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Well how about you start off and sell anything that doesn't fit. Then sell any that are too similar, or ones that are really common. Then set a goal that you know you can make. Say, to sell 10 pairs in 2 weeks. Then you're only allowed to buy 2 new ones in 2 weeks. Then sell another 10. Keep selling, and buy less than you sell.
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I wiah it would work but cant help it When I see something cheap I buy it or something rare. ahhhhhhhh maybe it is that time of the month
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Maybe sell the things that aren't rare at all.
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Well maybe if you know that other members would enjoy the deals and the rare things, and you have enough, you could post them instead, and feel happy knowing someone you like will get such a deal.
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It is hard to let go cause I love them all and they stuff that dont fit and dont like are older and dont sell well
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If you're not ready to let go, then don't let go yet. It takes time, maybe try one first and see how that goes.
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So what if they don't sell for a lot! Getting money back if you don't wear it is better than no money and ugly jeans in the closet. Hubby would love you to sell stuff you don't like.
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I think as long as you can afford to keep collecting, it's ok. I don't think having lots of jeans makes you a bad person. Not at all.
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^ I don't think calling the jeans ugly will help them sell...imo
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I am whining to wrong people
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Tiffany, I think you DO need to sell. You can NOT afford to keep buying these, and be able to also buy other things you need, and pay for 3 children to go to college. Keep what you like, sell what you don't, and listen to what Hubby says cause he wants to do what's best.
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Why did you send pictures of you collection to a news lady? I would just wait a month and see what you really wear. Then sell what you haven't worn. I personally don't wear crystals. They're too flashy for me. Kind of cheesey (sorry crystal lovers) plus I'm a mother of two - I don't need crystals on my ass. They almost seem teenager-ish to me. I'm going to shut-up now before I piss people off.
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lol I understand ^^^

The money def isnt a issue it is more that I can never decide what to wear cause I have a bunch and I dont need this many
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You already have some jeans for sale. That's a start, isn't it?
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Yeah thanks for purchase okay I will list some
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Do you just like collecting them? Cus they're all so pretty!

I find that I pick up new hobbies or collections... it started with stickers... then lego sets... then stamps... then anime posters... then hardcover books... then upgrading carparts or upgrading computer parts... now R&R Jeans I need a new closet... o_O; This has to be my most expensive hobby to date... ;P
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Awww tiff, don't feel bad. I agree with what julia said, u just have to start selling the ones u don't like or whatever, and don't buy more because of the fact that u just sold some. its a hard to let go of that habbit i know. U do have a huge collection though. maybe you should just keep like around 20-25 pairs? so u don't have to wear the same pair again in that month maybe? i think that's a good way to start. money is not a problem for u, that is really good. lol. it is for me, that's why i have to kinda stop buying right now. i was almost going to buy those RR u got for $57 shipped, but controlled myself. lol. It is hard to not buy when you see a really good damn deal. I feel u on that part, especially since money is not a problem for u too. like for those qu winger deal that u got, i definitely would not control myself on those. lol.
But just try to let go of some. U seriously don't need that much jeans. u won't get your money worth it if u don't wear it for a certain amount of time. since u have that much, i would assume u don't wear each pair much really. My goal is just to buy enough that i don't have to wear it again for 2-3 weeks (not too much right?)

My lord, longest message I ever wrote on here. lol. But yeah. hopes that helps.
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tiff dont feel bad, were all denim addicts inside. if i had the money id be swimming in jeans with out a care in a world.

anyways im more interested in seeing your total collection pic
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