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OT: Can I wear uggs in the snow?

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Can I? It's been snowing in Vancouver these couple days... I'm wondering if it's bad to wear my uggs in the snow. I wore them out a few times already but they seem to get soaked up on the outside quite quickly and stays hard after that. Should I be spraying some stuff on it? Can I spray it with the stuff I get from footlocker? I think it's called sneaker protector?

thanks guys.
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I would also like to know
So much snow in Vancouver...
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OMG haha.. You would die in Saskatchewan you guys!! Although, so far this year we have been lucky snow wise where I live.. these next couple days should be interesting though.. Anyway, I know you can get sprays for suedes n leathers n all that good stuff.. look even at Walmart in the shoe dep I think they have diff ones there... I don't even know what UGGs are made of.. sheepskin or something? haha.. but read the label on the bottles and it will tell you what it's safe to use on! And pppaaaalease do this before you wear them again so you don't wreck em silly girls!!
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I hope I haven't wreck mine... ANd I know I'll die in saskatchewan!
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the inner lining of Uggs is sheepskin but i think the exterior is suede so I would definitely get some sort of suede protecting spray and put on a good two coats of it before walking out in the snow
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no i did they arent water proof so cover them
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i sprayed them w/ the suede protectant that ugg makes and i wear mine in the snow too
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I've had this question a coupla years back.

From personal experience, they'll get soaked no matter what.
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Thanks Girls! I'm gonna try spraying them with some stuff and see how that will go. @@
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here's the deal..... the snow isn't what damages them... it's the salt and crap on the roads that ruins them. i wore mine for several winters in syracuse, ny (snowiest city in america) and my poor uggs were completely crusty and gross at the end of every winter because of the salt, snow, dirt and grime that they came into contact with every day. it's ok to wear them in a few inches of snow, but i dont recommend trudging through deep snow on a daily basis if you want your boots to last more than a few months. even if you spray them, they wont be water resistant after repeated soaking.
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o thanks^^^ I guess Uggs aren't really meant for snow anyway, it's for winter without snow ..... I need some rubber boots...
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That's weird.. I always spray my Uggs before I take them out and they're still in great shape! I've had them for two years now, and only wear them during snowy days too. I really think that the spray really protects them..
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The spray definately works.. just make sure you do it right and do it often enough that they stay protected...
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Even though I don't have the UGG brand, I wear them out in the snow and I have never had mine become soaking wet or wreck. I have a little bit on dirt on them that needs cleaning, but otherwise, I don't think it will harm them being in snow. I find that in -30C weather, they keep my feet toasty warm
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trust me.. u bc ladies havent seen anything yet..
this whole weekend up here in edmotnon
just pouring with snow and cold winds and temps
like -35 - -40 with windshield
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^ blah. I don't even want to look outside.

Vancouver has a lot more hills etc., and it's a "wet", cold-to-your-bones type of cold.

Let's all move to Hawaii.
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i wanna move

the cold slowly goes down starting thursday
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If you have other boots/shoes you can wear in the show and rain then that is probably the best option. If, however you are more like me and would like to wear you're lovely warm, dry snug Uggs as opposed to the cold leaky ones,then DO IT! . But just one word of warning.  You will be punished for wearing them out in the wet!  Still your feet will be warm!  And they do look look good. All this means is that you must be prepared to spend time and a good piece of elbow grease to get them back to their 'best' using the normal suede cleaner and brush. And spray and brush, and spray and brush......They will look as good as new!  It really doesn't take that long but it is worth it.  They cost a lot so are therefore high maintenance is part and parcel.


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