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Help for Permed/Curly Hair!

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I just got my hair permed yesterday for the first time. I'm Asian and I've never had curly hair before in my life, so please help me figure out what to do with my hair!!

I'd really appreciate like, step by step instructions to address the following topics:

post-shower products
comb vs brush vs fingers
can I blow dry
how to blow dry
how to style to wear it down
how to style to wear it up
how to style it period

to give you a general idea.. my hair is curly a la Carrie Bradshaw

unfortunately, this is NOT what I asked for. I asked for "loose waves" a la Victoria's Secret model, and I have really curly hair now my friends told me to wait because the curls will loosen but for now I feel like a big frizzball.

Here is what I did today and I ended up with just a big head of frizz:
1. shampooed with t-sal
2. conditioned with garnier fructis sleek & shine
3. put Paul Mitchell styling lotion in (because for some reason my mousse BROKE, as in wouldn't dispense, so I just used the styling lotion)
4. used fingers to comb hair
5. combed hair with wide toothed comb
6. rubbed hair with towel
7. couldn't wait for it to dry any longer so blow dried it (w/o brush or comb)
8. had a big head of frizz so I tied it up

any help and product recommendations at all would be very very appreciated

thanks in advance!
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probably the mistake there was towel drying it. and then blow drying it. have you got one of those defusers to put on the end of your hairdryer for curly hair? it evens out the blow of air so you dont get direct heat in one spot. and the towel drying i heard breaks hair folicals which will make it frizzy.
i used to have permed hair but i didnt like it so i just used to brush it out until it went.
but i used a shampoo and conditioner for permed hair which helped. maybe you could find a product for curly hair to eliminate firzz or something.
im not sure about the styling though sorry
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-rubbing hair with towel is not good.
-blow drying and brushing is not good.
-those products (shampoo, etc) that you were using on your healthy hair probably wont work well now that it is damaged by perm.
-i would try the diffuser and some better styling products made for curly/permed hair as mentioned by Lorna. bumble and bumble is supposed to be good for curly hair.
-put in a styling product and let it dry on its own, then curl random pieces with the curling iron, and dont comb or brush it at all once it is dry.
of course what do i know? i straighten my wavy hair every day with the hair dryer.
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Hy hair is shoulder length, and is prob like Carrie's. I have the same prob, I would like lose curls and I don't think mine would do that. But it is very healthy. You prob need some conditioning shampoo & conditioner. If you can spen the money B&B curl conscious is awesome. Also the ONE PRODUCT, you can't live without is a defrizzer! John Frieda's is awesome and like $7 at any drugstore. I apply this when wet to limit frizziness and then lightly go over again when dry.
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oops double post
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hey there, did the salon by any chance give you a serum / try to sell you a serum to take home with you? i had my perm (spiral perm) done at a korean salon and i really don't have to worry about it at all - i just wash, blow dry it a BIT but let it mostly air dry, and then just run the serum over and it looks the way it does in my avatar.

i'm not good at recommending products, but try not to blow dry if you can, and don't ever brush it while it's dry - and if you want to towel-dry it, don't rub your hair at all, just pat it down and gently squeeze out the water.

and as for styles, how long is it?

my advice is to be patient, i wanted to hide in the house for 2 days because it was just so tight, i felt like AC slater a la saved by the bell... but after a few days it loosened and all is well best of luck!
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Originally Posted by jotorious View Post
.....try not to blow dry if you can, and don't ever brush it while it's dry - and if you want to towel-dry it, don't rub your hair at all, just pat it down and gently squeeze out the water.
Agree 101%
Besides patting and squeezing, you can gently massage it as well. Just no vigorous action. Blow drying takes skill and patience. I wouldn't recommend blow drying if you don't know the right way around it.

Prior to applying sculpting/styling lotion, on wet but not dripping wet hair, you should section your hair (probably into 5-6). Use your fingers to twirl each section. Apply lotion evenly and don't use too much. Do the twirling motion again. Twirl till it forms a bun and lightly scrunch it. Gather the sections, lightly twirl the bunch and scrunch again. Then, just leave them to dry on their own.

Remember, everything must be done oh-so gently. If you are rough with your hair, they will pay you back with frizzes
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I have super thick curly hair (that is a little damaged from highlighting). I have tried a ton of products but only certain ones work best for me. This is what I do:

1)Shampoo with aussie moist shampoo
2) condition with pantene pro v conditioner for dry or damaged hair. Brush out hair with conditioner in it.
3) towel dry using one of those super absorbant towels.
4) mix tresume hydrology gel, aveda be curly lotion, and aveda brilliant serum together and apply to wet hair
5) dry with rusk ionic hair dryer about half way
6) add some paul mitchell "the conditioner" at this half dry state
7) allow hair to air dry the rest of the way
if I have frizzies after it is totally dry I mix a little suave aloe gel with water and rub onto hair- this seems to put the curls back together

Some no-no's I have found are never brush through hair after it is dry and try to avoid totally drying hair or else it becomes a puff. Diffusers do not work so well for me so when I dry I try to scruch up the hair a little bit in my hand as I dry it. Wash hair every other day or else it becomes too dry.

Not sure if this helps but it works for me.
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Thanks for all the help guys! I tried to remember as many of the tips as I could and I am pleased to report significantly less frizz today than yesterday. You ladies are the best
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shampo: pureology hydrate shampoo
conditioner: pureology hydrate conditioner
post-shower products: Kerastase elastocurl
comb vs brush vs finger: I usually brush it then put elastocurl in it and then scrunch my hair
can I blow dry: I don't usually blow dry it b/c it makes it really frizzy
how to blow dry: see above
how to style to wear it down: I usually just let it dry on it's own ( it's naturally curly)
how to style to wear it up: I usually just put it up on a loose bun
how to style it period: I just wash it, condition it, brush it, put elastocurl in it, scrunch it and go. It's actually really easy.
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Damn... you're making me want curly hair now. My hairdresser refuses to do it though... she says it'll kill my hair.
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