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Blah, stupid horrible cafeteria food

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Gah! I hate the freshman fifteen. So far, 8.5 pounds down, 6.5 to go! I was at 122.5, now I'm somewhere near 130-131. Eventually I want to get down to 118.

I blame the horrible cafeteria food, 24/7. Well, actually, I don't eat the horrible cafeteria food, which is the problem. I eat horribly- raman noodles, easy mac, etc- and I go out to eat with my friends at least once a week-- maybe twice (I swear to god, I think all I spend my money on is decent food!). So here's my main problems:

1. Meal time at my school is awful- making me snack in between classes (a necesity, otherwise I can't concentrate).

2. Food is awful- making me turn to other horrible options.

3. Portion size is HUGE

4. They want us to be fat. Really. They have pasta every single day, LOADS of carbs and very little protien!


What are some healthy snacks in-between classes (I have like five seconds in my room to grab something)?

Any ideas/tips??
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i can't survive without my cliff bars! but not everyone likes them, so if you're not fond of compacted nutty things, you'll most likely hate them lol.

what about fruit?
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I munch on non-raisin trail mixes from Trader Joe's, various protein bars, Zone bars, dry Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and lotsa H20. All of these things have the healthy combination of protein/carbs/fiber that keep you feeling satiated! Also, tis the season for Satsuma Mandarin Oranges that I buy by the box at Costco *yum*
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yeh why not snack on fruit? or carrots or something ( i know not everyone likes raw carrots) but yeh you can find some nice tasting fruit/veg to snack on
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maybe kellogs k bars? or popcorn, not the super buttery kind though.

do you have a mini-ref or anything? peaches and cottage cheese, yoghurt, celery sticks with peanut butter, all that good stuff.

good luck
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i have the same problem, sort of. i have a full meal-plan that i had to get, no choice. i have a plan that is "yearly 320", meaning i have 320 meals for the year (that was the smallest plan!) so far, i have used about 25 meals. i eat at the cafeteria maybe once a week. i haven't put on any weight though. I suggest that you get a george foreman grill, and some chicken breasts. they make a good meal, along with frozen vegetables.. they are easy to cook. between classes i snack on fruit and veggies.. also cheese strings, which i love! i suggest that you buy some fruit and veggies you like and pre-wash them all when you buy them. if i have to wash and cut up my fruit or veggies, i just dont do it and snack on something easier, but if they are all pre-washed and cut, i will eat them!
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Your problem could be portion control...if you need snacks, why not get those 100-calorie bags of popcorn, chips cookies, etc? Also, you should probably quit eating ramen and easy mac it is cheap, but one little ramen noodle pack has like 400 calories. and it's not even satisfying! what i love is fat free yogurt, some granola or kashi (not too much, just a few tablespoons or 1/4 cup) and frozen berries, defrosted- it's a parfait. really yummy, good for you, has protein and carbs, and low in cals.

oh, and the last thing i should add...have you been drinking a lot?...that will pac k on the pounds faster than any mcdonalds, imo.
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Cut up fruit and veggies
Whole grain, low fat crackers and cheese (slices, strings, or foil wrapped cubes or wedges)
Peanut butter or other nut butters on crackers, English muffins, bagels or bread
Trail mix
Baked tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip
Yogurt cups, tubes or drinks
Fruit Snacks
Cereal bars
Raisins or other dried fruit

Make fruit or veggie Kabobs, soo good!
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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but snacks are super important. If you don't eat for half a day, you're actually doing yourself a bad favor. Snacks help to keep your stomach happy in between meals and so long as it is digesting on something you won't binge or over eat.
Gradually reduce your portion sizes and supplement mini snacks into your diet...you'll see and feel the difference!
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I feel bad for you guys. Here at school we have soo many choices. We have have fresh made pizza, sandwiches, burgers, chicken, full salad and fruit bar, milk, water, juices, etc. Everything is self serve so you choose the portion size you want. Sorry I am no help, but I thought all schools were getting on board the "healthy eating train" because of recent weight gains...
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