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any runners in here?

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I've wondered this for a long time... are there any distance runners on this board? This past year, I've run my first half marathon and marathon (Okanagan). I'd like to hear from other marathoners if there are any here

For 3 of my major races this year, I have fallen sick during the tapering stage. This probably impeded my performance quite a bit. Anyone else have this problem, and how can I prevent it for next year?
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Hey I think cassidyfit1 runs marathons or triathlons...you should pm her!
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I don't get sick during taper, in fact, I haven't gotten sick ever since I started distance running six years ago
I prefer the half, it's my favorite distance.
Your name is really similar to mine, hmmm...
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some of my friends from when I was younger do call me Connie so we pretty much have the same name
And I think after running all the different distances, I do prefer the half. The marathon was probably the hardest physical thing I have done to my body!
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I haven't done a marathon but I ran cross country and track for 3 years ...

and as for getting sick, getting sick always sucks ... but when you're tapering ... you should be taking it easier anyways ... so I guess it's better than getting sick at the peak of your training ...
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I just started back up to running after a year and a half of being injured. I'm not doing crazy distances right now (between 5 and 10 km only) but it is still fun and I love seeing improvements. I think I am getting shin splints though - any tips on getting rid of those?

I'd like to run a 10 k in a good time in May. It gets too cold to run outside here in the winter though, so I'm just trying to keep outside for as long as possible.
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I'm a runner as well...started up again this past July after taking off 3 years because of extensive ankle injuries.
I'm hoping to do a 10k in the spring, and 1/2 marathon within a year. I ran 2 marathons in college, and I don't think my poor ankles will withstand another one.
I am addicted to cool running for chatting with other runners- you should check it out if you haven't already.
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