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I'm never in this part of the forum because..

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I don't wear any makeup. I really want to start.. I just want some light blush here and there when I go out to something fancy. I buy lots of MAC stuff but never end up using it because everytime I try, I look even worse than makeup-less!! I just don't know how to do it It never looks natural.

For my grad pictures and prom, I went out to get it done or my friends did it.

My mom doesn't wear any either so she's no help there.

How did everyone learn?
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I remember when I was little I used to watch my Aunt put on her makeup....I'd stand there in the bathroom and watch in AWE! I love makeup though (hence the fact that I'm now an esthetician) My Mom really never wore much either, so I didn't learn from her. I think, honestly, some people just have a natural ability for it. But......You could always go to a makeup counter and have them teach you. Or, I know a lot of salons that offer makeup application also offer a lesson with it. That wouldn't hurt! Try it out. Or, just play around when you've got an hour or two one day.....Just try whatever you want! I promise you'll find something you like. Don't just go for trendy things though, I'll tell ya that. Get whatever looks best on YOU. Play around, have some fun!! You can always PM me if you've ever got any questions on makeup too......I'm sort of a makeup whore
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I learned mostly from watching my cousin and also reading Seventeen and YM when I was about 12-13. Over the years, I just learned what I like the wear most and now that's what I do daily (minimal.. just eyeliner/shadow and gloss). It doesn't have to be hard!

Like Liv ^^ said, either visit a makeup counter or experiment on your own with some cheap makeup to see what YOU are comfortable with. (then get some more quality items once you know so you don't ruin your skin )
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I'm like you - the only makeup I wear is lipstick or gloss, and eyeshadow and mascara if I'm feeling fancy. My mom never wears makeup so I never learned from her. I buy the cheapest drug store makeup and pretty much smear it on; as long as it looks decent I don't care about the fancy brushes or styles. I've gotten those makeup counter makeovers before and can't imagine going through the nine hundred products and steps it takes! I say...if you think you look better natural, then don't bother with makeup.
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i don't wear makeup at all. to make up for it, i buy loads and loads of expensive lip glosses and balms.
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Okay this is kind of embarassing, but I learned from Asia Carrera's website. Yes, the porn star. On her website she has a make-up guide and it's really practical.

Asia Carrera's Makeup Tips!

Other than that, my friend used to work at the Shiseido counter so she gave me really good tips for Asian eyes (I don't have the double eyelid)
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Awesome thread! I will post my story when I have time to type it out, think Ugly Duckling
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wow asia carrera is still gorgeous when she's freshly scrubbed!! even more so than some of her more made up looks...
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Thanks for posting that Jennie! I'm going to try most of that.

I've tried to go to a makeup artist and tell them to teach me but when I go home with the products, I'm horrible with it. The worst part of it is I wish I had long curled lashes and I suck at applying mascara!
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Have you tried using an eyelash curler? They take forever to do, but the results are good, especially for asians like us.
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Yes I use an eyelash curler and I can do it well now but applying the mascara and making it longer is hard.
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do you wear mascara or absolutely no make up at all? the only thing i wear everyday is mascara and thats it, i dont wear any foundation or anything cause i dont need to, id rather let my skin breathe. you could try bare essentuials (i honesly cant spell it) thats a nice powder cover up and looks natrual and lets your skin breathe, my mum uses it every day
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after asking my mom, she brought me to the clinique counter when i was in 7th or 8th grade and had the lady pick out stuff for me and show me what to do. i'd suggest doing the same thing
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I kind of picked it up a little bit at a time. And then when I learned how helpful brushes could be that really made me more confident in playing with makeup.

I would look at yourself and find out what exactly it is that you want to do. Do you want to even out your skin, does it even need it? Do you want more emphasis on your eyes? Do you like your lips natural, little darker than natural or really defined with a stronger color?

When I woul dbe going thru magazines, I would see 'looks' that I loved and would try to find out specifically how to getit, or if it even looked good on me.

For Asians though, I think BB or Shisheido is probably one of the best. Though there are a ton of MAC fans out there.

If you are having issues with mascara, what exactly are you struggling with? Do you not like the brush, is the formula to clumpy or thin? It is always nice to have extra 'brushes', like the little sample brushes, on hand to comb them out after applying mascara. Sometimes no matter what I do, they end up in 3 large clumps. So I will comb them out or take off that mascara and switch to a different one.
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