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Pearl AMS A Pockets...

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Eh I had these posted on another forum and they said they made my butt look flat. A pockets do that to me too, so I have to be careful. My decision is to sell these babies. The color was nice online but the color does nothing for me. How about people on here? Opinions? I have them for sale right now. Just want to be sure!! i think I'm right in selling them...agreed?

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I love those.... perfect wash for Spring-Summer time... I don't know how jeans fit you usually, but I think they look good. Normally A pocket flatter a lot my butt...my favorite style of SFAM
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From all the others I have seen on you, I don't think these are as flattering - I say sell and find another pair that is more flattering
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I like the others better..
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I don't like this wash at all. I think the others were great.
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I don't like the wash either....I know they are authentic but that wash looks like fake jeans...
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Okay these are now in the HMall...
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Gosh, I must be the only one, but AMS is one of my most fave washes. I think they look pretty on you!
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I like them too
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i like the jeans... from the side they look good but i feel that there are other jeans that would flatter your booty more. jmo though
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