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why do i look silly when

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i wear eye liner or mascara on my bottom lashes? i look like a panda. its never ever suited me, is it because black is to harsh on my green eyes and pale pink skin? should i be going for another colour?
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i can never do the mascara thing on my bottom lashes. i barely do the liner thing either -- maybe once or twice a month. the mascara looks dumb on me when it's on my bottom lashes (no matter the color) and i just feel like i'm wearing a lot of stuff near my eyes when i have liner on the bottom lashes.
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try a grey or brown liner...it might be a little softer. or, instead of a liner, dip a thin, straight brush in a shadow and dot it along your lower lash line. i never wear mascara on my lower lashes bc i end up smudging it all over the place bc of my contacts.
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Yep, I agree, I look silly also!

For some reason, it just suits some girls. As Vicky already mentioned, do try the eye shadow as liner in grey or light brown, it looks way more natural and with all your different colors in eyeshadow, you can have fun with the colors.
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I agree too. I never wear black eyeliner because it makes me look mean I wear dark brown or greenish brown eyeliner. For you, I'd use a light brown or a plumy pink eyeliner.
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I'd also suggest that for the bottom lashes, when you're using eyeliner, don't line from the outside corner of the eye to the inside corner. Start at the outside of the eye and only line to the halfway point. It'll help you avoid looking like a panda and it opens up the eyes. That's what I was taught by a makeup artist.
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thanks il give it all a go
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I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes and rarely line the bottom.
Maybe try lining inside the rims of your eyes- that will blend the outside line w/the inside line so you don't get that weird spot between your liner and the inside of your eye. It doesn't last long before you have to touch it up and could irritate your eyes if you are sensitive, so I suggest only doing it if you are going to go out or something like that. It does make a huge difference though.
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