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Get the Look

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I have always wanted a resource for different make-up looks

Please everyone else post links to your fav looks or how-to's

here is a Cat Eye look.

Smashbox.com > Expert Advice > Studio Secrets > Cat Eye
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Mod Look

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I love love the cat eye look!! I only wish I could do that on my own *sigh*
But thanks for the tips!!
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This is a Bobbi Brown Summer Look Beach Beauty

Bobbi Brown*-* Summer Look: Beach Beauty*-* Neiman Marcus
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bobbi brown spring 2007 look - VIOLET.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ::Eyes

i am in love with all of these shades...i usually don't like palettes but i might have to splurge on this one!
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Di Kennedy (Aussie makeup artist) - How-to's & online shopping

Lesson - Eyes - Di Kennedy Cosmetics : The Prettiest Make Up Range

I haven't bought anything from here yet but I think the tutorials are very easy to follow, especially for makeup noobs like me
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I like Make Up For Ever - Aqua Eyes series. Their eyeliners are amazing, and they don't smudge and they stay on all day.

For a Kohl eyeliner, that goes on really smooth and thick (but you'll have to reapply if you put it on your wetline because it'll fade away) is Benefit.

Both of these can be bought at the lovely Sephora store.
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ooooooh man I really love that. I like those old time vintage mod looks. I dont know if I can ever pull them off though. I'll have to give it a try.
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