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Lately, because of the dry weather, I've been getting a lot of dandruff-it's embarrassing It gets all over my dark clothes, etc. Anyway, what products do you use to help rid, or at least minimize, it? I've already tried Nature's Gate anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioner, but it did not help at all. I've heard great things about Aveda Scalp Remedy, but I'd love to know about other products that work.
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i used to have REALLY REALLY bad dandruff when i was younger. so bad i had to go to the doctors, and she recommended i use Neautrogena T-Gel dandruff shampoo. within a few weeks my dandruff became less and less and within a month it was COMPLETELY gone. the only down side is that the stuff smells like a brillow pad or some kind of rubber. so i suggest using a really strong good smelling conditioner to neautralize the smell. if your dandruff is not severe like mine was Nioxin Scalp Therapy works well too! it's not as medicated as the T-Gel.
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Where else can I find Nioxin products, other than salons?
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trade secrets or beauty supply stores. other than that i havn't seen them at target, longs, or anything like that. try online as well! goodluck!
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Originally Posted by vintagelace View Post
Where else can I find Nioxin products, other than salons?
Some drug stores carry it. I know Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada does, not sure about the States.

If you know any hairdressers personally, they can snag you a wicked deal @ their local Beauticians store.
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STOP RIGHT THERE. I used to have horribly disgusting dandruff that was super embarassing. I tried selsun blue, neutrogena t-gel, head and shoulders, and a whole slew of other products but this was the only product that seriously made my dandruff go away. Neutrogena T-Sal shampoo & conditioner. The active ingredient is salicylic acid and it doesn't smell bad at all.

Buy Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo, Scalp Build-up Control Online at drugstore.com

A little expensive, esp for such a tiny bottle, but it works wonders!!!
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^Can you use that stuff on colored hair? I've always had a pretty bad dandruff problem, but have never been able to use most products because I color my hair. Head&shoulder and selson salon do NOTHING for me.
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Body Shop's Ginger Shampoo
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I have had highlights and dyed hair since I was 12 so I think it's safe to say that yes, you can use it on colored hair

Try reading the reviews on drugstore.com for it (neutrogena t-sal). I'd really really recommend this product but u have to leave it on like the instructions say.
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whatever you do dont use head and shoulders it just doesnt work and i find it gives me more dandruff
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I actually have a prescription grade shampoo. Its called loprox shampoo. 120 ML is $80
but I have a health plan that allows me to only have to pay $20 (used to be $10)
You just use a little bit at a time so the bottle goes a LONG way. You only use it every few days, but when mines bad I use it every day till it goes away.

Its by prescription, but its the only thing I could get to work for me.
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i've colored my hair since i was young with danrudd as well, but mine would always seem to fade. the chemicals in the medicated shampoos would drastically lighten my hair. so the point where i would stop dying it and it would jsut naturally turn light light brown!
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I just bought the Neutrogena T/Sal, so I'm crossing my fingers that it will work for me
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My dad has some perscription stuff that works for him. I shoudl actually try it. I get it only on one little spot of my head, but its smack dab in the front!
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Nizoral, T-Gel, my derm prescribed Steiprox (not sure if it is available in US) but it worked like a charm. I should see if T-Sal is available in Canada..sounds good.
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I got T-Gel a couple weeks ago based on this thread, and at first nothing changed - in fact, I thought it got worse! But after one full week, I no longer see dandruff! YAY! You guys rock!
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Home remedy for dandruff

I seriously don't understand why everyone here is so crazy and desperate in using cosmetics which are full of harsh chemicals to treat their dandruff.

People, You can always try out some great home remedies such as:

a) Just mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water to make a hair rinse that is a brilliant home remedy for dandruff. You may need more or less of this mixture, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. In fact, you can take an empty gallon jug, preferably plastic, that has a handle which will enable you to grip it while in the shower. You can mix 1/3 of a cup of apple cider vinegar into a quart of water, and keep this jug in your shower so it is ready for you to use. Pour the mixture on your head, and with your fingertips, massage it in gently. Do not rinse! And no, your hair will not smell like vinegar after it dries. It will be soft, easy to manage and most importantly, dandruff free.

b) One teaspoon of lime can do wonder in removing dandruff from hair. It regenerates the lost bounce in hair and prevents further stickiness to set in. You need to mix lime juice one tea spoon while washing your hair, and you need to select a mild herbal shampoo to wash your hair.

For more info check out this article Home remedy for dandruff.
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i'll tell u about a natural cure.. u kno before u take a shower use farm egg .. leave it for half an hour and then wash u r hairs... u'r dandruff will go out in no time...
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I read somewhere that sometimes dandruff is caused by a fungal infection, so if all shampoo treatments fail, you could always rub some fungal infection cream into your scalp and see if that helps (i know this sounds weird, but it works!)

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