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hair straightner?

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i think it's finally time for me to invest in a hair straightner. i've had one of those 3-in-way conair ones for years - not very effective. what do you recommend? =)
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I recommend the T3 wet-dry hair straightener. You don't have to worry about drying your hair then straightening it because the T3 does both at the same time! Saves you ALOT of time and better yet, damage to your hair!
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^So the whole wet dry thing really works? Or is it only if it's a little damp?
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ooh wow thanks!
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i <33 my CHI! =P
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i think GHDs are really good. always work for me and i have thick coarse hair
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i have a baby;iss one and it's good if you have super thick, hard to straighten hair (but i don't).

chi's work REALLY well.. i constantly used to use my friends'
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Originally Posted by abster800 View Post
^So the whole wet dry thing really works? Or is it only if it's a little damp?
imo wet straightening shouldn't be done ... your clamping 2 extreamly hot metal plates against your hair ... damage much??

i recommend blow drying it straight first with a brush (and a thermal styling protectent) and then straighten it... your hair will thank you.
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And doesnt straightening damp hair gradually ruins your hair straightner?

I use ceramic.. dont know what stock number or anything. I got it from a salon two years ago for Christmas. My hair is long and on the thicker side and I stille love it and it's still straightening my hair perfectly. I'm in Canada and never hear of "CHI" but I've heard great stories about them on HF. Mine was $200CDN retail but got a discount and it was only $120.
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Yep, I love my CHI! I get everything at my beauty supply store, but for people who aren't licensed, a good flat iron is a revlon one from the drugstore. They really aren't too terrible. The key is to make sure the plate is full ceramic, not just coated....Because if it's coated it will chip off (like my WIGO did!). I don't think anyone at a drugstore would know if it's fully ceramic plated or not.....But you could always go into your local Sally's and ask, they're pretty informative for the most part.
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I personally love the T3 straightner, it leaves my hair so shiny and healthy looking and doesn't damage it at all!
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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but DannyCo Ceramix is super reliable. It also comes with a warranty and works amazing! The heat adjuster is great, whether you have thin hair or thick, you can adjust it to the perfect temperature!

That's what I've used for years and it's wonderful, highly recommend!
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