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Can you ask your friend what exact products she used, the whole one side of my face is covered in acne scars I was thinking of getting them lasered, but it is such a large area and so expensive!! Plus since I get discouraged if I don't see stuff quick, can you ask her how long it took for them to heal, just to give myself a ball park time Thanks!!!

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Shiseido: For their skincare products, I swear by them now. I have a friend who works there, gave me samples -- hell, she used to have semi-bad scarring from acne in certain places on her face, now they're nearly gone and she wears like no makeup. I wouldn't suggest makeup from shiseido too, neither would she -- they're really just well known for their skin care line which will cost you a hand and foot. Want those bags and wrinkles under your eyes to go away? Sure, for a tiny bottle about an ounce, for over $60. It will definately do the job though, trust me.
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Clinique Eye Cream/Primer
I use facetime velvet veil primer (I freaking swear by the stuff) You can literally put your makeup then sleep in it and it'll look like it did the night before! love this stuff
I still love BE I use pretty much everything, their eye shadow, spf foundation, blush etc.
Dior Show Mascara
Lancome for Eyeliner
MAC has great lipsticks and eyeshadow!
and Shu Uemura lash curler which i love (and i want some of their falsies but i've yet to buy a set)

and yea
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MAC (cheaper than designer makeup but a better variety/selection)
I have to definitely agree with you. I love their variety so that I always look great!
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MAC all the way! Can be a bit expensive, but they last a long time, and always provide vibrant colors and good coverage (always great blending too)!
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<3 bare escentuals mineral veil...and nars orgasm for blush!! nars the multiple works really well too, for an all-over stick. sephora coming to canada was the best thing ever...
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Mac- my #1!
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YSL and becoming my most fave is bee luscious cosmetics incredible products.
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I like anything from Clinique
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Red Earth

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I'm curious, why Red Earth? I've used a few of their things and I wasn't very impressed.
I love Urban Decay, Smashbox, Make up Forever, Tarte, and Nars.

What red earth products do you like most?
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Shiseido their moisturizers are great for sensitive skin.
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dior, chanel and mac!
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I loveeeee smashbox, their smashbox halo is the business
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Lancome for its fabulous eyeshadow and lip products. Clinique for its skin care. Definitely MAC for foundation and for a wider range of eye shadow. Shuemura is what I get for more adventurous colors.
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dior and sometimes YSL.... any other suggestions for different brands that are real good????
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I love buying my girlfriend MAC and Chanel items. =)
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