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I only JUST started using MAC"s Fluidline. Now I see what the big deal is, it is perfect. All my favs are still the same, I am just a make-up whore
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Bare Escentuals
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Nars (eyeshadow, glosses, powder, the multiple)
MAC (fluidline)
Blinc (I'm a mascara junkie - their Kiss Me mascara is amazing)
Burt's Bees or Bag Balm for chap stick
Dior (ultra shine sheer sticks are the best)
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Clinique (powders, lotions, toner, foaming facewash, lipstick)
Maybelline Full n Soft Waterproof Mascara
Urban Decay (eyeshadow & eye primer)
Smashbox (eyeshadow & face primer)
Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm (i'm a junkie)
Prestige Khol Smudge Eyeliner in Spice
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oh i forgot! urban decay primer potion - holy grail!!
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I don't really wear makeup but I do like Laura Mercier oil-free tinted mosturizer and I love my Lancome mascara and Burt's Bees lip balm
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I am a makeup virgin but I love the following:

MAC mineral foundation and concealer
Stila moisturizing lipstick/gloss combo
Lancome eyeshadow
MAC eyeshadow
Maybelline great lash mascara
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Laura Mercier
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I love mac/urban decay stuff but I am cheap so I just buy stuff when I get groceries lol
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Bare Escentuals foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow...pretty much everything, gloss... I have way too much
Mac Loudlash mascara which is sold out Canada wide and I am out
Dior eyeshadow
Blistex Herbal Answer lip balm
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^do you need someone to pick some up in the US for you?
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If you guys aren't sold out there too, sure!!!! I am using Sephora mascara right now, but am really missing my Mac I use Loudlash in Black. Thanks!!!! Let me know if you get it and how much to ship and such
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Laura Mercier and Chanel.
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Sheri - I am running to the mall tonight - I will go look
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Originally Posted by lauriebell View Post
Sheri - I am running to the mall tonight - I will go look

OMG thanks Laurie!!!!! You are a rockstar
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Prescriptives foundation
Diorshow mascara
Chanel lipstick
Bobbi brown eyeliner
smashbox gloss
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MAC for eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick & blush/highlighters, & brushes
DIOR for everything
Makeup forever & cargo for concealer/foundation
bare essentials
stila lip glaze & tinted moisterizer
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Dior- mascara & eyeshadow
Maybeline- eyeliner
MAC- eyeshadow
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I like a lot of brands...each has its share of good cometics:

- Benefit (High Beam, Big Beautiful Eyes, Some Kind-a Gorgeous, 10)
- MAC (concealers, lipgloss, and eyeshadow)
- Everyday Minerals (foundation)
- Shu Uemura (mascara)
- Shiseido (blush, eyelash curler)
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Mine is Lancome, Chanel and Mac..

My fav night cream is by Chanel precision rectifiance
and I use a day cream by Lancome called absolue, I've been using Lancome since I was 13 which has really helped protect my skin from the sun and pollution .
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NARS! I used to use MAC A LOT, but came to my senses! NARS eyeshadow's have more bang for their buck so to speak. Their shimmer eyeshadows really shimmer, unlike MAC's. NAR's orgasm blush has been the #1 blush for years, as well as some of their lipsticks.

I'm a huge fan of their powder concealer. MAC used to make me break out terribly and I have been told by many Nordstrom make-up sellers (who weren't affiliated with NARS) that mac was notorious for causing people to break out.

Mascara- best by far is Diorshow.

Lipgloss- NARS, MAC, chapstick.

Nail polish- OPI, Essie make my manicure last for weeks.
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Disclaimer: Yes, I am a guy. I wear make up in the sense of eyeliner, concealer, and some eyeshadow when I'm going to to party. No I don't do anything dramatic, so it doesn't scream "Oh, he likes it up the ass."

For a concealer, does wonders -- if you have professional brushes and know how to blend it will look flawless and no one will know you're wearing any. And thank god for that.

For their Kohl eyeliners. Go on nice, and smooth and have a rich color to them, absolutely amazing -- but they're not waterproof. For water proof I use...

Makeup Forever: Their Aqua eyes series is what I use. I use two when I go out, I use a white on the inner rim near my nose, and the rest all the way out a heavy black, it actual is more subtle than it sounds and it gives your eyes a really intense look.

Smashbox: For their eyeshadows.

Shiseido: For their skincare products, I swear by them now. I have a friend who works there, gave me samples -- hell, she used to have semi-bad scarring from acne in certain places on her face, now they're nearly gone and she wears like no makeup. I wouldn't suggest makeup from shiseido too, neither would she -- they're really just well known for their skin care line which will cost you a hand and foot. Want those bags and wrinkles under your eyes to go away? Sure, for a tiny bottle about an ounce, for over $60. It will definately do the job though, trust me.
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I'm an almay girl myself. dont know if its the best but seems to work well with my skin.
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Bobbi Brown's concealer
Bare Minerals foundation
Dior lipgloss
MAC -- I like to try next.
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I use all Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" line. I swear by it. I have no complaints about any of their products.
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