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Makeupalley.com user id's

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I for one would rather swap with girls I 'know' so I thought I would make a sticky for those who would like to post their id's. I know somewhere on a thread people had posted them, but I thought it would be nice to have it somewhere handy -

mine is the same as here:

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same name for me too

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i've only logged on once there though.
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Mine's the same too.
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same as here!
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same as my hf username: oohsoojuju
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ljpjcg which was my old HF id
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same, but i just read reviews.
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I can only remember so many things, so like everyone else mine is the same too : cbrooke
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mine is the same as well.
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onthemove but I like reading/scouring the reviews
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my sn on there is shopaholic2. i have an excessive amount of makeup (and everything else)... but I hardly keep up with MUA.
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That is my one longtime forum -- on there since 2001. I love it over there!
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the same

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I just made an account, and mine's the same as here too
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mine is Rachel48, but i haven't posted anything there yet
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Not much on my swap list though, nor have I ever swapped at all. I've been a member for several years now.
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Same as here. Good idea to swap for stuff you don't use
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same as here
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