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a health and beauty section!!! I don't know a whole lot about health, meaning that there are several on here who know a lot more than I, but Beauty I am pretty excited about.

I am a huge junkie, I would cry buckets if the house burned down and I lost my collection. I don't think the insurance people would believe what I would claim. I seriously need to get it on video for proof.
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lol my mums bathroom is full up with all these products too. welcome to the mod team
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ooh!! koool! i was just thinking that hf should add a health a beauty section after seeing it over on af, woohoo just the right timing! this is great! =D
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I'm excited about the health and beauty section too. Congrats Nicole!
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OooOo this is gonna be one awesome forum
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Congrats Kenics!
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ahhh thanks Kenics for being a mod in this forum!! Congrats also
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yay nicole!!
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Nice job!
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Yay!!! Nicole ~ You are a perfect mod for this section
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Yay Nicole! Maybe you should start a picture thread so you can show us pics of your massive make-up collection.
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yes i want to see pics
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okay, I will try to figre out how to stage it. I really thought I had a problem, but you can see pics of other collections on MUA, and mine almost looks normal.
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ahh i want to see pics!
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Congrads Kenics - love this section already
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