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for this section this is great ive been wanting to ask about spots. anyone know how to get rid of them, creams and everything else dont work on me and i have scars too
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I used to be a cosmetician and had a lot of people inquire about how to get rid of them. Here's 3 things that could help:

1) a skin lightening gel or cream (spot treatment wands are best) what it does essentially is bleach the skin.
2) Use a MicroDermabrasion or peel, the glycolic % encourages exfoliation of the skin.
3) To prevent any future spots, really important to use high SPF especially on the spots you already have.

Any more questions, let me know, I'd be more than happy to help.
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so using suncream on the spots i have is a good idea?? i never knew that. what does it do to them?
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The sunscreen only helps prevent possible spots in the future, they essentially are caused by over exposure to the sun in most cases. Use a dermabrasion system or spot treatment to care for existing ones and sunscreen to prevent. Hope that clarifies things hun.
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