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My new FIJI A Pockets...

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Ok do these make my butt look flat? I'm on the fence on these. They feel very soft and comfy, but do they do anything for me? Eh I don't know? Help girls & guys...

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I love them did you size down I should have those on the way too I cant wait
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I think they look good! Keep them!
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I like them on you
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These are a size 32 so actually I went up a size from a normal seven stretch size 31. The rise seems higher. I may be in trouble after a few hours wear since they prob will fall off my butt since they went on too easy, no struggle or stretching out required on these babies LOL. I think I'll keep them as they are really comfy!! And the inseam is good for me, since I'm always looking for longer length A pockets!

Sometimes I find that when people say to size down I stay with my normal size and they fit fine. Does anyone have that prob too? However my thighs are beefy (thanks to riding horses for years) and my butt is kind of flat naturally (I love TR Joeys!!) so I think my thighs have a lot to do with me having to size up. Does that make sense? My normal Seven stretch size is 31, rigids like the HAV2 I go with a size 32, but with the sig stetches I can go with a size 30.
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They look HOT! Def. Keep them they don't make your butt look flat...
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i think they look great too! girl you must have gone a shopping spree take me with you next time!! haha
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Cute on you, but not sure about the wash.
The blue on the A's is really pretty though!
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I think they fit you great!

question: where did you find them? I want a pair now!
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They dont make your butt look flat at all! I think they look really good Keepers!
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I think they look great on you.
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They're definitely keepers!
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personally, i am not crazy about the wash. they look good on you but i dont really like the jeans.
i am the same way as far as having to get my regular size when everyone else says size down
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Really cute and it looks pretty with the yellow. I wish mine fit/looked as good on as yours
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Those look fantastic on you! Definitely keep them!
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awesome on you!
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studded looks hot on you~
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I think those are very pretty on you....I love the blue wash
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