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How long does it take...?

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I've won a pair of R&R Roths on ebay, seller shipped them to Belgium through USPS Airmail Parcel Post, can anyone say by average how long it will take before my jeans will arrive?
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where from?
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From the US (New Jersey)
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shouldn't take that long - 7 to 10 days, maybe longer but the mail from the States has been very fast lately.
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Good to hear, I was afraid it would take longer.
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i got jeans from America and it took a week.
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Yeah, it normally takes about 4-8 days here as well with Global Priority mail, just the first time I receive a pair send with Airmail Parcel, I asked seller if she could give me an estimated time of arrival, of course she doesn't answer that mail...
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i always have my jeans always whitin a week i have already 3 jeans from the usa once i payd taxes but only 5 euro but keep in mind that you sometimes must pay taxes it happens only once from the three times
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I received them today, it took only 7 days.

Also got my Seven Nakita colettes, after just 3 days from Lisa!
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