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My own hand-hemming w/ orig *pics*

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I tried hand-hemming my own R&R w/ original hems and I'm pretty pleased with the results, so I thought I would post pics.

I followed the basic guide on the SFAM subforum (which is really clear and has wonderful pictures!)


Here is what my jean hems look like from the inside:

Close-up of the stitching on the inside of the leg, close to the original hem stitching:

Close-up of the stitching on the outside of the leg, close to the original hem stitching:

Overall view of the hem:

At this point, I had "flaps" of extra material inside the jean legs, so to secure them I sewed the flaps to the jeans at 4 points around the leg (front, back, and both sides near the seams):

You could probably do this with fabric glue instead. As a side-note: I spoke w/ a saleswoman at Joann Fabrics, and Fabri-tac is a significantly better fabric glue than the other brands they carry. The Joann's I went to didn't have Fabri-tac in the fabric glue section (go figure ) -- I had to go to the adhesives aisle to find it.

Here is the end result:

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Good job! Thats how I do mine as well now Takes me a super long time though.....
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very nice! i'm impressed
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im impressed too, nice
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great job!
wish i could do that, but i'm too scared too haha
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wow! very impressive. and all by hand? that is worth a try for me, since i don't own a sewing machine and don't know how to use one anyway.
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Originally Posted by crossmyheart View Post
great job!
wish i could do that, but i'm too scared too haha
You have to try! Its so easy even for me and I havent sewn since grade 8 sewing class and I totally sucked! No need to be scared because its rally simple and theres no way you can screw up really... but if you do, just take out all the thread
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I was scared too but it turned out not to be too bad. Since there's no cutting involved, you can always take out your stitches if it doesn't come out right.

I tried using glue the first time (w/ some SFAM jeans) and that was a total disaster. I spread the glue all around the inside of the hems, and ended up with 2.5 inches of stiff fabric all around the hems!!! I'm still trying to get that out. Actually, I did a search and found out that nail-polish remover will dissolve fabri-tac! The polish remover I have is non-acetone based. But, I didn't have enough on hand to soak the hems thoroughly. Enough glue came out so the hemming was undone, but when it dried the fabric was still sort of stiff. I'm going to go Meijer's and buy pure acetone to soak them in (I think it will work better because nail polish remover is relatively weak).
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Great job!

I've started hand-hemming as well after reading Incagirl's guide this morning and it's actually not that difficult, takes a bit of time, but it's well worth it. I've never used a sewing machine, so never thought about hemming my jeans myself, but so happy I've tried this out, will save me a lot of money, since all my jeans need to be hemmed to at least 30 inseam

I've started with my new Joe's, didn't have time to finish them, but can take pictures tomorrow
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I did 2 pairs last week... each pair took me about 2 hours. But it's definitely getting easier...

Also, I secure the hems with safety-pins before I start sewing so that the hems don't get twisted. I use 4 pins per leg; 2 on the sides, 1 on front and 1 on back.
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thats what i do...it takes me about 30 minutes or less to do them. i am fast but accurate w/a needle for some reason LOL. it's a good project when ur bored and its raining outside
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wow! 30 mins! I hope I get that good at it!!!
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those look great!!
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i hemmed a pair and it took me 2 and a half hours, blimey 30mins your fast girl LOL
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Wow, they look great!
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30 minutes? Nice. It took me longer than that on a machine haha.
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Ohmigosh! I did this with my TRs, except I was totally ghetto about it and stuck them up in place with masking tape on a tour bus. I ironed them in advance so that they'd stay in place, and it was supposed to be a temporary solution, but it _looks_ fine, so I haven't gotten around to it...

Good work, btw! I wonder -- will ironing them get rid of that "wrinkly" effect right right at the bottom (not that anyone would notice, but still), or would that affect the glue?
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good job, that is what I do with some of my seven and citizens
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They look great! I went and bought a needle and thread to try this, but I haven't found time yet!
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I don't own an iron, so to flatten my hems I've actually used my hair flatiron! But I haven't tried it on hems that have been glued and not stitched. I don't think I would recommend using it on glued hems...
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^^I recently did some glue hems. I waited one day before I ironed them and I also put a towel betwen the iron and the jeans (just in case ) It was fine !
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nice job!
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