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I want the 29 fleurs!!!!!!! Sarah please call soon!!
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BTW, those aren't the fleurs that run big r they????
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Someone please???

Uranium Scorps--size 27 or 26!

Lead Yellow Fleurs--I'll try the 26!
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Do the fleurs run tts or big?
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Tiff did you see any 30/31's?
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I would just need the phone number, but cant call until after work.... hope that wont be too late
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yes all sizes I believe but I dont remember seeing sz 23 or 24

Is she gettign them now? or should I gave them and out them on hold when I go bacj that way?
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Tiffany, in your pics on the other post, are those the fleurs at the rack???? Would you say they are tts??? TIA
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LOL--whoa this means ebay is going to be flooded w/ Nordies Rack RR soon. if you have RR to sell post them on ebay before others do!!
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I just called and they said the mgrs will have to call me back.
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How do the uraniums fit are they roths. Tiff if you could hold a 28 for me I would appreciate it.
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they are tts
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If I give u my cell ph numer can you call me when u get there and I will have them chg send it to me?
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Tiffany, U r going back to the store today?
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yes I am going back
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OOOOHHHH!!!! My parents just drove back from Lansdale yesterday..... I should of had them take a detour to KOP to get some damn jeans!!!! HEHEHE
Man r we sick!!!!
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I need to move....... Cleveland sucks!
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i want some wingers too in a size 28 but i libve in europe please help me
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ore scorps man im really insean
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Argh, why am I stuck in Belgium???
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Tiff! Hook me up!

I'm IM.
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How do the Methane Pheonix's run
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fleurs in a 26!!!! stop tempting meeeee! i might just have to! /)_<
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I would like the Methane Pheonixs... I guess I will call when I get home
Man, I hope they have this kind of stuff when i vist in Dec.
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Can ANYONE pleaseee pleaseeeeee buy a pair of uranium roths or fleur de lis in a size 26 for me? I need someone to ship them to Canada for me. I will paypal you the money before hand. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee TIA!!!
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