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when I called the LV store today they were very helpful so was the one in Plano.. The lady in Plano hung up and called me back with every pair they had in my size.. anyway overall they were very helpful to me.. all but that first day calling the store tif was at on tuesday those people were mean
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well when I was there they second time the phone was ringing off the hook while I was checking out I am talking he kept switchinging line and they were all about the rock and republics lol
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hee hee that is too funny.. well I think this time we HFers did a good job buying up all the R&R!!! ..tif did you ever decide what to keep? I still vote for all of them.. they looked great on you
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Can someone get me some stuff in size 30 or 31? I'm looking for Roths and Scorpions but it depends on the wash. Lemme know what you see please!
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call around and I am nsure if you arent in us you can use mine or someone else address to forward on
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I'm not exactly what styles to ask for. Also, from what some people have been saying, the sales people aren't very helpful. That's why I just wanted to know what styles and washes people have been finding at their Nordstrom locations.
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Yea I called twice and people have been rude. I am new R&R so I don't know what to ask for.
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I called a few and they were helpful the mainly had uranium hydrogen steel and methane wingers
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still no luck in fleurs
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Any Roths or Scorpions? What washes?
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I just scored a pair of phoenix roths in methane from Colorado! The SA was super helpful and friendly. I'm glad I kept at it
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yeah some have been helpful and some have not.. I heard they had at most of them

uranium roth
hydrogen kedis
vicodin kiss
methane wingers
steel wingers (reed)
scorpion uranium
yellow fleurs chrissy cropped
methane pheonix roth
white jeans with VB gold crowns

not all of them had them all but I have seen these come up most often in the posts.. you should be able to search this site and find pics of the jean or the wash and get info on the fit..

anna.. how can help you fellow tampa girl...I ordered the methane pehonix roth TTS, and the uranium roth TTS

If you call remember some of them do not get R&R at all..
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Has anyone seen any Uranium Roths in size 28??
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so, i just called the rack in LV and after a lot of confusion I think i just bought some uranium roths. plus kirk, the sales associate was definitely flirting with me on the phone. Lets hope i get my jeans and lets hope they fit...
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can anyone help me get uranium steel or methane please???!! :/
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^ Try calling the Broomfield, CO rack. They had some and they'll do a chargeship. I called tonite and they did one for me and they were SUPER friendly about it. You just have to ask to talk to someone in the Women's dept tell them youre looking for RRs and would like to do a charge send then tell them what style/size....They will see if they have it in your size and then take your info and charge your care.
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