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I just got back from rack

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They had a bunch of rocks for 99.97

the had some fluers (not sure what wash)
wingers steel
methane phoenix
urnamium scorpions
crystal glycern
crystal cords
and I am not sure what else

They do charge send
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Did you see size 23?
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I think smallest was sz 25
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which rack????

King of Prussia???
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Fluers were lead yellow
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i am calling right now!! Thanks
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no problem they had bunches of 29's so you should get lucky
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Wow. Is anyone able to call and order for me? And then ship them to me in Canada?
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What do the hydrogens look like??
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I just called, they don't have a manager that can help until after 1 pm.
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Darn, I really wanna get uranium in a 23!!
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the poor lady I just spoke with is going to get bombarded...and she can't help.
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anyone know what color the wingers back pockets are?
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Originally Posted by jennifer10 View Post
anyone know what color the wingers back pockets are?
White and light blue
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Sarah said she would call me back in a couple hours that she was in a meeting??? I said grab anything in a size 29
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I need to pack up and move to the US like, now.
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I should tell her 28 too! UGGGGHHH!
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After what happened yesterday, I'm afraid to call...

At any rate, can someone get me some Uranium Scorps in size 27 and the Lead Yellow Fleurs in size 28? PLEASE???!!!

As many of you know, I pay right away via PayPal!
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i need 29's, if you want to share
(oh, and a higher rise too)
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Cool. I am calling about the methane pheonixs...
Do these run TTS?
Anyone have the number or should i just look itup? I am at work, so I cant call until 4...
I am going to this Rack after Xmas as my mother in law lives in Philly, and we are going shopping. I am going to make sure I have $$ then.
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I can go back but dont have ability to chage more If I got get them and put them on hold you you
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The lead yellow only had sz 29 and 26 left I believe
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I tried to call some forum members wehile I was there but no one answered
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