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Anyone use Dermalogica?

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I am considering buying the skin care line because my friend swears by it and suggested that I try it because I want to try out something new...has anyone used it before? Any recommendations?
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Yes, I use and and love it! I would suggest getting a facial somewhere that uses those products so that they can recommend what is best for your skin. I love the Microfoliant... leaves the skin soooo smooth. That is my favorite thing that I have used of theirs.
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My friend was saying the Clay Cleanser is the best ever....do you agree with that?
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i also use the daily microfoliant. i love it! but i recommend onlyyourx skincare as well. my dermatologist gave me both to try and i liked onlyyourx better. i also recommend babor youth lotion afterwards.

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I use the clay cleanser but the rest don't do anything for me, but my cousin used it and she is hooked on it! I recommend it!
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Ive used almost ALL the products. The active moist is great. so is the microfoliant. i like the bar, but it gets mushy quickly. the cornmeal scrub (forget what its called) is also awesome. but, i stopped using it b/c it's very expensive!!...get it off ebay...thats what my mom does. you can get the professional sizes for cheap. or try strawberrynet.com or vipsalon.com
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I'm currently using their active barrier repair and I love it!
I've used their other products as well like the active moist, skin prep scrub (I think thats the cornmeal one!), gentle hydratin booster, hydrating mask (this is amazing!!!)..
well.. quite a lot actually.. but only at my mums/sis expense.
At the mo. living alone, I can't afford all those products..
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I love love love dermalogica. The microfoliant has changed my life. Seriously. Last year I gave it to all of my girlfriends, my mother and my sister and they ALL use it now. Love the barrier repair too...the best moisturizer I have ever found for my combo skin. I use the eye treatment daily, and this moisture masque if my skin starts getting too dried out.

The stuff lasts forever as well. I last stocked up in May and I just re-ordered last week.
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i love love love dermalogica too it's wonderful
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What kind of differences did you guys notice in your skin?
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Well, I'm gonna be vain here and say I have pretty good skin, so no matter what I use, it generally stays looking the same, It's a matter of how you like your skin to "feel." I use Dove Sensitive Essentials now, b/c it costs $7 a bottle as opposed to $45 for the Dermalogica. The Dermalogica smells and feels better than the Dove, but my skin LOOKS the same. Get it?...The Active Prep scrub is pretty nice though. So is the Gentle Cream exfoliant.
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My dream is to have perfect skin....damn you allison!
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haha...well from what your avy shows, it looks pretty darn good to me!!
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i use the anti bacterial face wash and its a good wash, makes your skin feel really dry after though
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I love the eye & lip stuff!!! great texture, and just a great product!
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Daily use of the microfoliant combined with the barrier repair, special cleansing gel and skin renewal booster has virtually eliminated my breakouts. My face is smoother than it ever was, my skin looks brighter and healthier and my pores seem to be smaller. My skin isn't quite perfect, but it is as close as I will probably ever get.

I really think the fact that all of their ingredients are natural has a big part to play. All of the stuff that you can get at the drugstore has sooooo many chemicals and fragrances in it. I can't help but think that it must be bad for your skin to have chemicals sitting on it all day.

Although they are expensive, the products last way longer. I used to buy exfoliating stuff from the drugstore. It would be at least $10, and then it would be gone in a month. I can find microfoliant for $30 and it will last 4-5 months with DAILY use. I actually think I save money using Dermalogica and am using a product that is far superior to anything in the drugstore.
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If you give vipsalon.com your email address, t hey will email you coupons...often for 20% off.
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Dermalogica is ALL I use I love it, especially the microfoliant

I use the special cleansing gel, microfoliant, and skin smoothing cream. Also have skin hydrating booster, gentle cream exfoliant and some eye cream which I use occasionaly. Before dermalogica I was still having regular breakouts on my nose and chin, even though I was in my late twenties. My skin was worse than when I was a teenager So, I went for a facial and they used all dermalogica products and recommended what I should use and I have never looked back. My skin is much cleaner and clearer! I am almost 31 and I still get id'ed sometimes....I'm convinced it's the dermalogical!

Check out www.essentialdayspa.com. They sell alot of lines of skin care including dermalogica. There is also a forum where you can ask questions and post reviews etc (www.essentialdayspa.com/forum)
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ps. If you post in the forum you can work your way up to discounts....I currently get 15% off And they give away weekly gift certificates!
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i use the anti bacterial skin wash everyday and the exfoliant 1-2 times a week! i love this stuff! my mom purchased it for me a couple years ago for my acne prone skin and i've been using it since. my skin always feels so fresh and clean everytime i finish using it. the only thing is that it's a little drying.. but nothing a little moisturizer cant' fix!
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Awesome shit, my sister let me try it, now I'm hooked.
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I have the antibac skin was also but I was warned that it is strong and could be too drying. They do have less severe washes (I have it but it is upstairs..) I also have the eye and lip cream and the active moist. All great products.
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oh, the other facial wash I have is the special cleansing gel... it is less severe than the antibac.
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no one hear mentioned the precleanse?! i love it
also a fan of the daily resurfacer.
would definitely recommend it..and im a dude!
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Originally Posted by pedo View Post
..and im a dude!

and a very sexy dude. Did I mention sexy dude?

Hi pedo!
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