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My crystal R Pics!!!!

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It's a bit loose on the waist and thigh, but even though, they look awesome on you!!!! I think a good taken-in job by a tailor will make them perfect! OOOOOh, I love these....
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they do look a lil loose...
did you get them from a shop? Can you exchange for a size smaller?
if not there's always the tailors
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I agree, I think you should size down
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you can try shrinking them in the wash
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They look a little big around the crotch and bum -- if you can exchange them for a smaller size, go for it. Otherwise, don't sweat it.

You're so cute with your kid! :3
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the only thing is ntegragsr93 they say dry clean only and they have those awesome crystals on them!!
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others have had some luck shrinking them in hot water and the dryer and the crystals have stayed on. it was on the old HF
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They do look a bit too loose, I would take them to a good tailor.
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Thank you so much for your honesty guys!! I'm having them hemmed at the moment but am picking them up tomorrow.....I'm a little nervous about having them taken in as I don't know of any really good tailors, I'd DIE if they ruined them!! Any more suggestions would be much appreciated......... has anyone tried this??
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You could sell them to me...no, only joking. Try giving them a wirl in the dryer, it can't do any harm
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What size are they? Are they the charcoal crystal roths? I just ordered them...they're pretty jeans. If mine are too small (hopefully not) and they're a different size than yours, I'd trade ya. Haven't gotten them yet though. : /
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def shrink them if you can
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Those are so pretty but def. too big. I would take them to a tailor who has experience with jeans. Leave the price tags on so they know they are expensive jeans and will take special care.

Oh and the picture with you and your little one is beautiful! How old?
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they are a bit loose you must take them in marie.and yeh youre kid is lovely how old is he
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They are beautiful. Little bit big though... Recently I've taken all of my jeans
to the tailor and had them taken in. I pay a lot for the alteration, but the thing is,
I cannot size down, and if I really wanna have specific model, I have no choice.
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Those are beautiful but you should try and shrink them. I think they would look even better alittle tighter
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I agree with everyone else ~ they are beautiful, but definitely too big on you!
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awwwww you guys are so SWEET! !!! Yeah that's our little little guy cindy, and he just HAD to be in the pics! He loves the camera! He'll be 3 at the end of august.... he loves the crystals on my jeans. I'm gonna try shrinking first I think..PLEASE let me know if anyone's had some horror stories, should I put them in a hot wash????
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Just my personal experiance: R&R's don't shrink a lot....
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