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LA Apricot Crowns.
Pink Fleurs in Lead
And er, I guess Madrid white crowns b/c I miss them.

Sizing depends on where I am in the new year
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Size 23
Silver Ruckus (Jagger or Kiedis)
Roth Uranium
Crystal Roths (lavender or blue stitching)
Studded Agent Jaggers/Kiedis

Size 23/24
White crown Madrid/Foam Crowns
Roth Phoenix Methane
Blue snake Roths
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Winger Oxygen 26/27

Rainbow Roth 26/27
Agent Roth 26/27
Uranium Roth 26/27
Xanex Pink Roth/Kiedis 26/27

Crystal Lavender? Roth 26/27
Crown Lavender 26/27
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Madrid Blue Crowns in a 29, pretty please
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Oooh! I want these for now:

1. Xanex Pink Kiedis/Stevies (been lusting after these for ages, lol).
2. Lead Pink Fleurs!
3. White/Silver London Crowns.

I'm a size 25/26 in all! Hit me with PMs if you see any, yay
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1. Blue xanex (ANY)
2. Methane (preferably Ray's, but ANY)
3. white/black crowns (madrid)
Thank you!
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28 depending on fit

Quaadlude Scorpions - so want these right now
Kiedis Ruckus Sigs - dream pair
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Any crowns (except blue) in 27, london or LA (preferablly london)
Kurt or rays just in a darker wash (ANY) 26/27
Gold kiedis 27
agent kiedis/jagger sig 25 OR
alpha kiedis sig 26
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size 25(depending on fit)
Crystal Roths
Snake Roths
White/Silver crystal/non-crystal crowns
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Kurt Ruffle Wash Size 28

Kurt in ruffle wash. Size 28. I am dying for these. They have lt pink and white stitching on the flap pockets.
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Kiedis ruckus ( silver Rs)
Signature R's ( Kiedis Ruckus Silver Signature)
Xanax Blue Stevies.. or other stevies.. but I loooove these!!
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white crystal crowns in 26/27
kiedis/jagger silver ruckus 26
halite jaggers 27

thank you =)
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80s wash crowns 27/28 PLEASE
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FOAM Crowns SIze 27/28 (let me know if there is a 26 out there too though...)
Flaming Hearts in Quaalude size 27
Scorpions in any cool wash 27
Xanex Pink 27
Lead Pink Fleurs 27
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size 23-
foam or black crowns

sz 24
tr sunshines
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Xanax Pink - 29
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Flaming Hearts
Kiedis anything
Agent Wash
Vetter Skirt
Radion Ivories

... in a size that will fit a 24.
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^We will have to fight over the Radion Ivories! Just kidding

Here's my updated list again:

Ray or Jagger Methane sz 24
Jagger or Kurt Halite sz 24 (so I can sell my 25)
Kiedis Raven sz 24
Lead Varga sz 23/24
Roth Barium Slayer sz 23/24
Roth Ivory Radion sz 24/25
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Lead Varga 25
Silver Kiedis 25
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Sodium Scorpions 27!!!
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-Kiedis signature or studded agent size25
-roth crystals /pink 26
-red crystal crown 26
-dekker capris 25
LOVE the beckham madrid without crown, only with crystals at the pocket, don t know the name, can anyone helP???

but when i think about, i really want every R&R in my size ...
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Size 23:
Copper Jagger
Studded agents

Size 24:
Opium rays
Iradium rays
kiedis xanex
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sz. 27 quaalude wingers!

i am dying for these
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Size 28
Studded Agent Jaggers/Keidis
With or without studs.
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