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katie you're still looking for those?
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yeah I lost weight and fit the 25's for a little while, then I went on vacation and got chubby again, hahahaha.
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Im in love with these eLUXURY - Rock & Republic - Cosbie Straight Leg Jean, Riot Wash im desperate for them but i cant afford retail, if anyone finds them in a 26 pleeeeeeease let me know

and these eLUXURY - Rock & Republic - Lowrise Cigarette Jean, Incinerate Silver Wash
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I want magnesiums so very badly... It haunts me in my dreams! Usually in the form of missed ebay auctions... *sigh*
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Floyds/Henley in men's 28. *tear* Pity that my genes won't allow me to wear anything larger than a 28.
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Diesel Pascato Pants - 31
Spalmicont Shirt - Medium
Luppy Jacket - Medium
Reptile Belt - 85
Chainmail Belt - 85
Cheer II Shoes - 42
and $100,000.00 in unmarked bills. Thanks
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^you posted in the wrong section this is the R&R wishlist
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post
^you posted in the wrong section this is the R&R wishlist
haha, i figured you guys could take care of that last request for me.
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Ruby Jeans/Kasandra

I would love to find a pair of ruby's. They just sold out of them at blaec.com. , and they said they will not be getting more in. Where would i find them?
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are you talking about the exude ruby sigs?
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I think so. they are dark and have red r's.
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Been looking all over for a Halite Hagers in a size 26, also a pair of Berlin onyx in the same size.
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Originally Posted by maryg View Post
I think so. they are dark and have red r's.
are they the new Rs or the sigs? the exude ruby sigs are like a velvet red R&R on the back pocket
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Studded sigs to fit TTS 26. Prefer silverish to gold/brown.
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- Fuchsia Crowns in size 27 (any cut but stockholm)
- Methane Phoenix in size 28
- Red Crystal Crowns in size 27
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^ all those run tts so if you're a 27 you'll need a 27 for all of them
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^^ I am between sizes though....and I tried on addict wash and the 28's were too big, but the 27's fit. When I did a search on methane phoenix, the 28 measurements seemed correct for me and people said they didn't stretch out much..is this true?
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METHANE PHOENIX are tts they are stretchy but don't stretch out w/ wear
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Exude Blue Ruby Sigs 23, Insanity Blue Sigs 23/24 (desperate), and definitive gold 23!
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rock & republic roth

hi im new here so i dont kno where to post this. im lookn 4

rock&republic roth jeans in size 26 (25 also fit n i would

prob b interested in 27's if they were really cute) so if any1

would like 2sell any please let me kno. they can b

w/crystals or w/o the inseam has 2b @least 32". i kno i

dont have any feedbak here but i have 200+ feedbak on

ebay and my husband n i have a link to our myspace pg

MySpace.com - 2 Vicious Freestyle - 25 - Male - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - www.myspace.com/2viciousfreestyle if u would like to contact me there.

please send me any pics u have n let me kno the price! Thank

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this is actually my first time posting in the R&R section (i still am searching for the perfect 1st pair of R&Rs) but i would love a pair of Berlins in Accomplice Blue (25)
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Looking for any Rock & Republic jeans with crystals or studs
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I am an old school rock lover, its what first lead me to find hf.. lately I have been more into diesel .. but when I first got into R&R I think I bought them all too big and and I have also lost a size lately.. so I am looking to find some of my old pairs again in smaller sizes

quaalude flaming jagger 26
lead fleur jagger 27 ( maybe even 26 in pink or yellow)
methane pheonix jagger 27

and basically any old school jagger in a 27(26 if they run big)
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