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I miss this feature. Can we start a thread or sticky and get it back again?
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go for it. Start it, and I'll sticky it.
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I WANT EVERY PAIR OF R&R IN EVERY WASH (except the skinny jeans).... haha a girl can dream can't she
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Nice thread every forum needs a wishlist! It's about time we had one again!
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I should have all mine soon then I am done
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Size 24/25

Quaalude or Sodium Scorpions
Hydrogen Kiedis or Stevies
Xanex Pink Kiedis or Roth or Stevies
Ruckus Signature Kiedis (double R's)

-thankssss <3
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London gold crown in 27
size 25/26:
Atomic Signature Kiedis
Methane Rays
Aerosol Kurt/Pistol (in 24 or even 23!)
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Madrid Crowns Fuschia or Blue - 31
Xanax Pink Roths or stevies - 31 or 32
Wingers Quualude - 31
Roth Librium Signatures - 31
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Scorpion Quaaludes 27/28
80s wash crowns 27/28
Foam crowns 28
Ephedrine Costellos 26
Kiedis Signature 28
Berlin anthrax 27
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sizes 23/24
Kiedis or Jagger Studded Agent
Berlin Methane
Valium Jagger
Kiedis Ruckus
Crystal Roths in Addict
Xanax Pink Roths or Stevies
Quaalude Scorpions
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size 23:
Gold Kiedis Sigs in Alpha Blue
Platinum Kiedis In Ice Wash
Copper Jagger
Scorpions in Amethyst
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SIZE 28: Pheonix Opioum
Size 27:Kiedis Ruckus Signature
Size 27: Stevie Steels
Size 26: Kurt Aeorsol

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size 27: vb white crystal crowns, quaalude scorpions
size 26: jagger ruckus

thanks girls! =)
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Size 24/25: Fire Hearts in Quaalude
Size 26: Crowns (other than gold and white crystal)
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Size 29/30: Floyd in Oxygen
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Wicked Crystal Pocket in Plasma Wash

I've been looking everywhere for these!
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size 28
R&R Wingers in Quaalude wash
R&R Crystal Roths in addict wash- crystal color is clear/AB?
R&R Crowns or Crystal Crowns in anycolor and either 28 or 29 depending on fit
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lead pink fleurs 25
xanax pink costello 25
pink snakes 25
silver jaggers 25
silver/lime/yellow crowns london cut in 25/26
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Scorpion or Winger In Quaalude 28
Scorpion in Amethyst 29
Flaming Hearts Jagger 29
Crowns London/Madrid 29 any color or wash
studded signature jagger 29
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also quaalude flaming hearts in 25
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i really want sanex pink ore kidies in borax in a size 28
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Metallic Slayers in Berlin or Costello
Any skulls sz 24
Librium Sigs 23
Vicodine Fleur de Lis 24
Any Wingers sz 23

Pretty please with sugar on top! ^^
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Quaalude Wingers or Scorpions
Xanex Pink Kiedis
Ruckus Kiedis Signatures (double Rs)
Blue Snakes
Vicodine Fleur de Lis
Uranium Roths

...if anyone wants to give me any of these, please feel free
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Size 25-26: White or Silver crowns.
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Size 29 (or 30 if running small) pink/lavender madrid crystal crowns
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