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depends on the wash. 60b wash size down
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^^I agree with cherokee...in 60b i sized down. I have not sized down in all of them, but 60b i did size down one from my tr size.
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What would be the most comparable inseam to TR. I never have to hem TRs. However, I think I'm about 33 inches on the inseam. If I ordered, should I get 32 or 34. I don't want to have to deal with hemming, but I don't want too short either. Sometimes stores say 32 inseam but it's really a bit longer. I'm 5'9" if that helps. Thanks for all the answers.
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Put me on the cheater list sexy mamma!!!
I love my diesels too( they snuck up on me)
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Great post to convert more laides 5 stars!

edit: Hera, you've been a cheater in my book hehe
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KISSES to you TIM!!
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Originally Posted by iluvshopin View Post
Yep Nordies carries diesel. I was at Nordies rack last week and they only had some hippers and a few ugly cherones, but I am in az, hopefully yours will have something good!!!!
The lowky 60b is fairly new so I am not sure if it has made it to the rack yet...But I hope you find something good...

This is the only pic i have of my lowky 60b because I am on my laptop right now, but you can see the fit. They are awesome!!!!!
I know I totally do not match...I was trying on the purple top...hahaha...

I can see why you would want to cheat, those look amazing on you!! Do you wear the same size in Diesel as in TR?
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I agree Danyel...they just took hold of me...Hahaha....!!

Weasella, The lowky bc in 60b runs big, so I sized down one from my tr size, I am usually a 27 in TR and bought the Lowky bc 60b in a 26. I can not say enough about the fit...They are AWESOME!!!! The sizing in diesel is tough since I am all over the board but with the ones I have been buying lately I have been sticking with 27's and they are working for the most part...Jessicalm knows a bit about sizing as well as gorgeous Danyel(hera)...... I can help with the ones that I have on fit...but there are 100's of washes I know nothing about.
I would love to see your booty in a pair...you know it would look amazing...
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