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Big T hoodies

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Does anyone know if they make these in XL? I want one so bad, but I tried on a large today and it was so tight on my chest it made me look like a fat girl in a little coat
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yeah they do
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neiman online or nordstroms have them on sale for 75 right now
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Do they run pretty small? I saw a M at Neimans in Vegas that looked TINY. I have big boobs, I think I'd need a large. I really want one in black, wine, dark brown, or dark green...Tiff, I can't find the link to the ones you are talking about.
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I got a large in the hoodie..but I dontl like my clothes 'painted' on....I am 5 feet tall...107 lbs and up until last month was a 34D....the jacket was 'snug' across my chest at that time....I am now *VERY happily* a 34 B and the jacket zips up nice and is not tight and does not make me have that 'bound' up feeling AT ALL! good luck....

I got mine at Niemans over the summer as soon as they unpacked them from the boxes..i think i paid 140$....was gona wait, cuz i knew they would drop..but there are some things..ALOT of things I just pay retail for so that I AM sure to get it....no regrets..the hoody is excellent...and very styley
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Hmm.. Im a 36D.. Do you think the xl would fit me? I Just told my husband I want one.. but I dont even know if the xl would fit me
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I was just on Neiman online, and I can't get to the hoodies!
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i don't see hoodies on neiman or nordstrom
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igawt---I'm sure the XL would fit u....prolly even the large. now that the twins are gone..I could easily do the medium..but I didnt want it to be too snug if i had a long sleeved shirt on or layered shirts....the only thing i noticed is it does remind me of my Juicy jackets where i think they tend to run a bit snug in the arms.. on me anyway..but could just be me, i hate anything that feels 'binding'
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I hate when things are tight on my arms too!
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Kel, where are you going to get yours from?

I always size up a size or two for hoodies, because I wear them for comfort. I don't like how snug hoodies feel, especially snug in the arms!
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I dont know because i am gonna let my husband find it for me for xmas
hopefully they will go on sale and I can let him know where to get it
If i see them on sale Ill letcha know
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Originally Posted by igawtscammed View Post
I dont know because i am gonna let my husband find it for me for xmas
hopefully they will go on sale and I can let him know where to get it
If i see them on sale Ill letcha know
Thanks, babe! I'm looking for a L or M in a dark color We can be twins! (along with 1/2 of HF, I suppose...)
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lol yes we can have a hoodie crew
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If there's a hoodie crew, count me in - when I get a hoodie that is...
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HECK YES!! count me in too....we must think of a catchy name for our 'crew'
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I'm glad to know they come in XL. I am so left out in a lot of the t-shirts sold now. I am not a big person but am chesty and don't like anything tight. A lot of XL t's are obscene on me and it kills me. I've seen a cute cord TR jacket but assumed the XL would be too small. You have given me hope!
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CBC...I feel ya....when i was at the 'height' of my 'Juicy ' craze..I wanted ever Tshirt they had..and with words stretched across the big 'D's' sometimes the words ended up UNDER my chest and it was horrible! or it would say "JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUICY"

but alas! no more!! yay!!!!
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I'm a 32D and I fit into the small fine. A touch tight, but I like that
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I'd be more comfortable in the XL because I have a lot going on up top, and I'd want to wear something under it too, you know?
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I find that the fit is similar to Juicy. I'm usually a small in Juicy and I get a small in my TR hoodie. I love mine btw!!! Very different from the other hoodies that I have

If anyone wants measurements of a size small, I'd be glad to take them. PM me!
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im narrow/small in the torso...so I was okay with a large hoodie. Medium is my normal top/jacket size so the hoodies run at least one size small imo, espec if you have big boobs FYI. And they are a bit short, but thats ok for me since im short-waisted so it fits me normally.
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This is good news! I LOVE the hoodie I tried on... it was so soft and fall-ish...but it seriously was causing my boobs to squish flat! You would think they'd make them tighter toward the bottom and a little looser for the boobage, but not so much.

Please let me know if you see these on sale again! Especially in the dark colors.
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