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prob. sounds stupid...

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I'm new to TR and am confused by the cut names.. or at least I think they are cuts...
Whats a sammy, .. bobby, and a joey?? Are there any others??
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Joey = Back Flap Pockets, Twisting Seams, Flare Jean. Most Popular.
Bobby = "Bootcut" jean. No twisting Seams, No flap Pockets. Regular Jean.
Sammy = Not sure how the fit is, maybe one of the ladies will help ya out. But it has Trouser front Pockets, And square back pockets with three threads making the horse shoes.
Theres a Jennifer, Jill,.

Actually, your best bet is just going to TrueReligionBrandJeans.com and browsing.
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/\ditto that, the website is always a good resource for these kind of things
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thanks guys!!
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you could also go to revolveclothing.com. THey have the jeans seperatd by the style: Joey/Bobby/Jill/Jennifer/Sammy/Johnny/Billy etc
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