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Need info on Canada!!

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Hey Canadians, I might be getting a free trip to Toronto either the first week in Nov or sometime in Dec for three days. I was just wanting an idea of how the weather is that time of year, where to go for great shopping, do I need a passport, stuff like that.

I have never been to Canada before and I'm so excited!!
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Right now you dont need a passport , just your drivers license and your birth certificate.
THey are trying to make it so we need a passport though soon. But if you go before the end of the year you should be ok.

As far as where to shop - The only place I can suggest to visit is the Yorkdale mall - its HUGE! - I didnt get out too much when I lived in Canada so I dont have any other suggestions.

If you get a chance, you should see niagara falls. Its about 1.5-2 hours from Toronto but its really something to see.

Well have fun!!
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^^Yorkdale mall is awesome.

Go to Yorkville to shop. It's a high-end shopping area downtown.

Weather: It's currently ranging around 5-15C (40-60F) in Toronto. It'll probably be around the same in the first week of November....maybe colder. Weather is really unpredictable here. I've already seen it snow a little, but for all we know there could be nice weather in December. Expect it to be cold pretty cold though.
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Yorkville is great but crazy expensive.
I'm sure you'll have a good laugh at our retail prices!!

Definitely go to the Eaton Centre mall and anywhere along Queen Street from Yonge to Spadina for great shopping.

You should learn our motto as well:
Welcome to Canada, where the weather is unstable and so are the men
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Oooo lucky u!

Bloor St. has some great shops (Holts, Zara, Prada, Club Monnaco).
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Becks, I might go to mexico first week of Nov. but will be around for sure latter part of Nov and Dec. We can hook up.
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ok I just found out that I'm going Nov 5 to either Nov 8 or 9th. Not sure what airline or hotel yet. I'm so excited!!
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