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your daughter eat and drink too same one ?



so how old is your daughter age now?

 i remember your daughter has so cute eyes and face.. looks like u..








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I had Sausage casserole and it was gorgeous!!!!

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plz post pics

 but now i'm busy  BRA vs CHI !!

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You want me to pics of a couple of sausages???? strange lol

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yes i'm strange,


 but no pics , no happen....


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Really nice


i am just done with my breakfast

and have



And a

Bigi Cup Of


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plz post pics of your Really nice Anyways !! as u said



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I just had Carbonara with Garlic cheesy bread...........'yum'!

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I thought this might be the best place to post the Final Draft of my Story titled "Godless World".  Please give constructive feedback if you find it distasteful or stop reading, it is for the open minded reader.


Godless World


I finish eating quickly, place the wrappers in the rear of my old chevy, recline the seat back and stare up at the ceiling, I turn the A/C on and let out a deep breathe, set my watch timer and close my eyes.  This is how I spend every lunchbreak. I don't like being around people, or animals, for too long a period.  I start to feel nervous, on edge, my mind seems to focus only on what those people, those animals, are capable of doing, I see a seed of evil in everyone.

I hear in the distance a dog barking at a UPS truck, and instantly I am transported back to that place in my mind, the place it seems I cannot ever truly leave.

Two bears fishing in a rocky river, massive grizzlies, in the miday sun. I remember the exciting feeling, the wonder at all of God's creation and the thought that God had given us this gift today, he had allowed us a window into his design, to view these grizzlies fishing in the river. Out of respect we stay a hundred yards out on the ridge viewing them through the binoculars. Everything seemed perfect at that moment, being there in the wilderness with my father camping, the warm sun on my shoulders, not even the flies buzzing around my face could bother me this day.  We had been backpacking so many times throughout the years, but never had we seen anything like this.  The mood was about to change...

I am back in the car, my eyes open, snapping back to reality, the A/C kicking on again had startled me back. I was in that moment again, nearly, I was in that place, that horrible place.  I start the car stare blankly ahead at some children crossing the street. Why can't I forgot, oh god, why won't you let me forget.

The first glimmer that something is amiss: the bear catches a fish and carries it over to small puddle of water, holding it down with his paw and then pausing, watching the other bear fish in the river.  Perplexed I wonder what the motivation could be for this odd behavior, wanting to humanize these beasts I imagine that perhaps they like to eat together, and that is what the other is waiting for. This continues for several minutes while the other bear continues to fish. I remember it felt colder suddenly, a gust of wind, a cloud coveres the sun. I noticed the smile left my fathers face, he felt it too, something was wrong, something was about to happen...

I turn the car off and walk back into work and sit down at my desk. I check my schedule and remember I have an appointment with my therapist this afternoon. I am not looking forward to it, I am still unsure if rehashing it over and over does anything but prevent me from moving on, if that is even possible.  I wonder for a moment, if there are certain truths about the world, that once exposed to, you can never be the same, you can never unknow a truth.  I look at my computer screen, it is black.  There was a power surge, apparantely a storm is coming in and had knocked out some powerlines. I stare blankly at the screen and I notice my reflection in the monitor, it reminds me of the way my father looked that day, a way I had never seen him before.

"hey...what is that bear doing"
"I don't know..."
We both stare through our binoculars in silence now. The other bear finally catches a fish and the one that was holding his in the small puddle excitedly gets up and carries his in his mouth over to a small clearing, bounding over. The other bear follows just as excited.

The sun is covered now by a gray cloud. It gets colder still.  In the air, it smells like it will rain suddenly, like dust.

The first bear places his fish on the ground facing the other bear a few feet away.  He orients the fish face towards the other bear holding his. I get a sudden unexplainable but distinct feeling in my stomach that these two fish are related, closely related. Something is wrong, something bad is about to happen.

"Josh... Josh!"

"-oh hey, sorry I was drifting off... did you need something?"

"yeah... I was just going to remind you to get your food out of the fridge... it's Friday and they are cleaning it out today... are you ok?"

"yeah yeah I'm fine... he he, sorry I was zoning there for a second..."

In reality I wasn't fine, I was in my moment, my horrible moment, as soon as she leaves it comes flooding back, totally out of my control, my eyes glass over and my arms begin to tremble. The bears claw slices cleanly down the belly of his trout and the other trout held watching begins screaming "God NOOOOOO GOD NOOOOOOOO PLEASE GOD PLEASE GOD" thrashing fruitlessly against the bears grasp as he washes the insides spill out of his sister. At this point the gut feeling about the closeness of the two fish becomes so intense that I am made aware with perfect clarity that they are kin. I watch as the fish witnesses his sister writhe in pain, garggling blood, seeing all her organs fall beneath her.  The despair in her eyes, the rich horror, in a single moment she is confronting everything she had previously buried so deep in her, her fear of death, her comfort with the mundane and the routine, her life was on autopilot, and now in this concentrated few seconds she has lived more than she has her whole life, she has learned more about reality than any amount of swimming aimlessly in a river with her brother could have ever taught her.  Now it is sure, she is descending into the abyss of death, and she is not at peace, she is filled with terror.

I slump in my chair, my shoulders shaking as I weep. A few coworkers notice but are afraid to say anything. I am emotionally in distress now clearly and everyone within a few cubicles can hear my sniffles. I bury my face in my arms, I beg god to let this memory go, to destroy it, to turn back time.

The moment is here, time stands still and everything is quiet. I can see the brother trouts mouth move as his captor smiles and grimaces but I can't hear his screams. His eyes are wide as saucers, every muscle in his face taught and flexed so hard I'm sure his mouth will rip wide open. When recounting the story in family therapy my father says at this point I was muttering "no... no... no" but I don't remember anything but the tingling light headed indescribable feeling that everything I thought I knew about this world, this life, good and evil, was being destroyed.

I am on the floor now in the fetal position beneath my desk, I am hyperventilating but I may as well be dead and gone because I am out of my body, I am back in that moment again.

The bear lays back against a stump, sitting upward.

He slides the trouts sisters body over his erect penis, and begins to vigorously and angrily masturbate using her hollowed out body. Everything in my vision goes fuzzy as I see the brother stare on, doing something that the word "screaming" just doesn't do justice. The bear is beating more and more furiously and just as the brother fishs body goes limp and he loses consciousness the bear finishes and the bears ejaculate erupts inside the sister fish, a sizeable amount squeezes out the top of her mouth trickling down and inside all the crevices of her now mangled and deformed body. Just before he tosses her aside I see something that makes me nearly vomit: she blinks. She is still holding on to life. Her brother is groggy and muttering "no... no...." as he lay with his eyes half open, wishing this were all just a horrible dream, wishing desperately that they could have just been quickly dispatched like every other trout caught by normal emotionally healthy bears.

It isn't over. I have urinated on myself underneath my desk and my sobbing has stopped, I am now just biting my fist as hard as I can, my face held tight in a grimace. Blood trickles down my knuckles.

The bear holding the brother trout walks over to a tripod that I have now just noticed half concealed in the bushes. There is a red light blinking there faintly... my god, they are filming it. The bear reaches in a black leather bag beneath the tripod and grabs a latex Mr. Rogers mask, but the eyes and mouth have zippers across them. He giddily slides it over his head, he is trembling with excitement. The other bear reaches into the bag and grabs a length of rope and binds the masked bears paws behind his back and then kicks him to his knees. The untied bear unzips the mouth on the mask for him, then feeds him the mutilated bear sperm covered body of the sister trout which he eats with absolute joy letting out a barely audible squeal as he finishes the last bite.

The rest I cannot remember, I know that my dad had to carry me back to camp. I woke up a few hours later in a hot sweat, swearing up and down that god was a lie, that's all I would say... "god is a lie"

beneath my desk, I feel a dark black surround me, my heart seems to be seizing, my breath is short, through squinted tear filled eyes I make out the figures of my fellow employees looking down at me. I see an EMT.... I see a bright light now, a trout smiling, adorned in beautiful robes, it is her.... she is whole again

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Nothing fancy, just chincken Kabob from foodcourt and a cup of bubble tea.

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You see this thread? You see this thread ri here? it's useless. Totally useless without pics. Pu, that's what I think. Show me the pics I say.

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