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What did you eat today? (w/ PICS) - Page 9

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sorry im new to this whole thing
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I didn't know we had one of these threads!

Anyways, night time snack... screw proper foods, im nommming them all

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Some peasantry shits for breakfast/lunch

ravioli+smoked samon, feta, basil, orangt(something) leaves
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^ i want!
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anthony, what are those chocolate pyramid thingys?
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Damn Anthony that Salmon looks damn good. I'm gonna have to whip up something similar. I <3 feta.
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feta cheese is so bomb, i mean, amazing.

so is goat cheese.

mmmm, goat cheese.
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lulz,What kind of Feta you be eating Julz? cuz traditional feta is made with goats milk which would make it ?

mmmmmmmm goat cheese.
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oo hahahha, oh man.

well there is the feta and the chevre...they taste a bit diff, no?

the feta is a lil harder and chevre melts in my mouth.
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Julz I think I am falling for you.

I also <3 chevre as well as
and anything else made by a billy goat
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Gawwdd cheese cheese, so many names. @Jayme, I'm not sure what they (were). The pyramid itself was sort of a cake like texture, just a bit firmer though. On the bottom is a biscuit like thing. All the same though, it was good!

Matcha green tea x5, edit x6
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damn look at the residue on that cup. Must be some potent stuff.
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Im gonna live forever antioxisomethings and all. Matcha is ground up baby green tea buds, so it comes in a powder, thats what the residue is
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Angry Whopper, that shit was good.

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some family friends came over today. dad and i slaved in the kitchen

(not consumed by me) pepsi

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holy shit, that is a feast.
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Pita with Falafel, vegetables and rice

Soba with soba sauce, seaweed/sesame seeds, and beef.

Green tea chocolate for dessert.
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Mihalis, invite me over next time, k?
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I am on break for the weekend. I'm usually pretty "healthy", but this weekend is not my best. Though I did go on an 8 mile snowshoe excursion yesterday and I am planning on going for a 6 mile run in next hour...if I can stomach it that is.

But for Lunch today I had 3 slices of pepperoni pizza and huge ass bowl of Stewart's cookie dough ice cream, and a slice of German Chocolate cake. I think one word sums up how I feel right now. "Ewww".

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You need all those calories/carbs for energy. You're a busy man!!
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It's 1:30 p.m. and I have had two cups of coffee and a yogurt. I need to eat something.......
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+1 for activities and fun foods!
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yummy with white cheese and earl grey tea
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Green thai papaya salad with sweet crispy pork, snake beans and wedges of cabbage...

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