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kiss/scorpions are sold :(

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whoever bought them if they dont fit pleeeease PM me. and also post pics of what they look like
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Dang.... Sorry for you, Lorna... hope you'll soon find your pair of scorpion /kiss/ jimmy....
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lorna they where sooo expensive whait for a pair thats not so expensive but try to be patient
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ok, how much do scorpions usualy go for on ebay cindy?
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depending on the wash and size I saw them from $99 up to $200+
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wow ok what if they have been used? do they go cheaper?
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I don't think so. Can't remember that I saw a pair that went for less than $99 but I only watch those in my size (26/ 27).
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can i pm you qt pie to see if you think i should get these ones? seeing as i like dark washes. please dont bid though lol as they are a 26
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yes you can pm me - I've just bought scorpions in oxygen from VIP so don't worry !
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i pmd you
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