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You definitely want to be careful, but I am with Vault Denim and we do designer jeans home parties.  All of our jeans are 100% AUTHENTIC and they sell for $48-$92.  We buy overstock from high end department stores and carry brands we all know and love.  We are the ONLY direct sales company doing this so if someone is not with a legit company then I wouldn't buy from them.  You can rest assure that everything coming from Vault Denim is the real deal. [MOD EDIT: No self promotions]

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Vault Denim has never confirmed authenticity of their items. 


Do no spam/advertise, it's against forum rules.  


If you want to advertise here please contact us directly but you will have to first provide proof of authentic merchandise. 

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I got a PM from this member and looked through the website to see if I could authenticate any of the items. Oddly, there were no pics of the actual jeans being sold. Fishy.

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I went and researched them. I watched some youtube videos of their parties. It looks like the majority of the jeans at the party are not actually knockoffs but they are cheap brands that try to mimick designer brands and non designer brands that are popular. During the video I saw a brand called "miss chic" that tries to look like 'miss me'. I did see one pair of William Rast. Whether it was fake or real is hard to tell because I could only see the back pocket and the hangtag. Both looked legit but that doesnt determine authenticity. In the same video I saw 3 rock and republics. They looked to be the same ones that were in the London drugs stores. They had the sexy R's and the back waist patch was the black background with the white monogram. Of course this doesnt mean they are legit but it they are then I assume they are the same STD's in london drugs. I saw several attempts to mimic rock revivals(which are already so ugly anyways) and they were total disasters. I saw what looked to be Paper Denim and Cloth as well. I doubt they were fake because why would anyone want to fake something you can get at TJ Maxx for $16.99? How far have they fallen, eh? Anyways the jeans in these parties, apart from the RR and WR(which may not even be real) are so incredibly hideous that no one that is a lover a designer jeans should ever waste their time. Just the pics on one of the fb pages made me throw up. There were also some things that were supposed to look like TR that are laughable.

Here is the youtube video(the WR come in at 1:02 and the RR come in at 1:11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWXatyG4HEE&feature=related


here is the fb page for one of the parties(if this doesnt discourage you from ever going to one of their parties I dont know what will. warning: these pictures contain graphic content https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vault-Denim-Tri-Cities/142839485749874?sk=info


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Ew. Double ew, considering that Miss Me is itself a cheap knockoff brand!

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yeah. did you watch the video?

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The video was a good laugh!  (I wasn't shocked by the graphic content by the way!!)

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I am still having nightmares

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The reason you don't see the named brand Jeans on the website or on youtube is because we have contractual agreements with the Designers not to advertise that their jeans are being sold for half of what you find them at their stores.  We do carry "bling" jeans such as Miss Chic and LA Idol b/c some people like tons of embellishments on their jeans, but half of our 120 pair inventory are premium brands.  We are not allowed to publicly say or show pics of them, but if you attend one of our parties you will see for yourself they are real.  I can tell you the brands if we are speaking one on one or through PM, but not publicly.  If you would like to validate the authenticity you can call the CEO directly, I would be more than happy to provide you with his number.  Our Executives have been in the fashion industry for years have have great relationships with the Designers, we even have an A list celeb promoting our company.  We are expanding in ways you couldn't even imagine so when someone comes to you about VD or you find yourself on my website purchasing jeans, just know you heard it here first:-)  I would just advise you do further "research" before you go bad mouthing a company.  

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BTW, out of all the youtube videos, THAT is the one you post as a representation of Vault Denim, LOL.  That wasn't even a party, and aside from Red Engine, Dylan George, or William Rast, they didn't even show half of what we offer on the premium side.

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Our online shopping portal is being designed as we speak so you cannot buy from the website yet.  It will be about a month before its up.  You would have to physically go to a party in your area to see/purchase the jeans.  As a consumer I can understand people's skepticism because we all know people fight change and new ways of thinking.  But as an entrepreneur in this industry who is buying and selling jeans, I think it would be time well spent to get the Real information regarding this business concept.  At the least it could spark some ideas for your business. 

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I apologize for the multiple replies.  I am still learning how to use this blog.  The last reply was for Shopaholism

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The reason for the skepticism is because, at least up until this point, all jeans parties have been fake jeans parties. So there is natural skepticism when someone is now claiming that they have the real things at their parties. I don't doubt you have the WR and RR. What I do doubt is that they are full retail versions. They are probably straight to discount pairs that are made in mexico or Guatemala that already retail for around what your selling them for anyways. I tell you what, Ill pm you my email and you can send me full front, full back, and full tag pics of a pair of rock and republic and ill see what I think. If they are legit I will come on here and say so. Ill also PM them to Marc and shopaholism so they can see what they think too.

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Thank you for the information. I understand if there is a lag with getting the site up, since I have a backlog of 20-30 pairs to post up before I make a big advertising push in my college town.


I would offer this advice though--the Miss Chic/other "bling" jeans are, frankly speaking, trashy, and they're probably sullying the name of your business, if you'd like to be known as a premium denim purveyor. I snub brands that many people would consider premium (Red Engine, Blue Cult, Paper Denim--well they're not premium anymore--Chip & Pepper, Tag, etc) because they're not universally known as premium, and I'd like to keep my business really high-end. I'm also really choosy about the styles I stock in certain sizes, keeping in mind the body types and inseam ranges you usually find in certain sizes. (e.g. I've learned the hard way that high-rise, wide-leg styles aren't going to sell if they're a size 24--since most of those girls hardly clear 5ft tall and would get swallowed up in such a style.) Furthermore, probably no one out there can top my knowledge of women's body types and what cuts will flatter which types best. Because of that, my boutique is an ideal place for the woman new to premium denim (as most of my buyers are) or woman who has recently changed sizes and needs to learn how to dress her new body type. I've also been known to do minor repairs on pre-owned jeans that need them, and I can also custom-crystallize your denim for an additional fee...I didn't see that offered by your site. ;)

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^ +1 about the miss chic, red engine, chip and pepper, etc. Those brands will cheapen the company's reputation for sure.

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" They just released 5 new house Designer Jeans Brands"


Huge contradiction there. One cannot have a "house brand" (or  private label) and also consider it a "designer brand." That's like equating generic brand groceries with the actual national brand (not simply comparing them, but saying they are literally one and the same). I won't wear anyone's private labels (including Nordie's "BP," "Halogen," "Faconnable," or whatever else clutters up the clearance racks at NR) for this reason. They are never, ever legitimately designer.

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:0) Shopoholic would love to see you boutique

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I tried to contact the proprietor of this site about a year ago when it showed on the first page of Google in a search for Vault Denim. Now it doesn't even come up if that indicates the level of success of the company. This isn't a knock on this site, but a testament of the success of Vault Denim as a company. 

The reason I tried to contact was to set up an interview with the CEO and to once and for all validate any concerns about the legitimacy of Vault's products.

Please have the appropriate person contact me if you are interested in proof and help set this issue to rest.

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^ummm, not sure what you meant by that or if it was addressed to me? (not trying to be accusatory or anything...my brain is just fried at this time of year)


and I forgot about those videos...maybe I should watch them again and induce a state of bulimia in myself so I can get these pesky 5 pounds off!

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Anyone can see what the parties carry or have on hand all they need to do is contact us to setup one and then all your questions will be answered.  It might be worth it just to find out. They are mostly women trying to become a success at what they are doing and all you would be doing is helping them succeed.  Maybe you find something you like maybe you do not but either way we still love you all.

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If I'm going to "help someone succeed," I'm going to do so in a way that doesn't also support crappy sweatshop-made denim. For example, I could educate more women on how to authenticate and spot great AUTHENTIC denim to resell, or I could consign it for them and split the profits.

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Super cheap jeans...the bling falls off and buttons come off...and that is before  you wash them.  buyer beware...and if you become a rep...make sure you know what you are getting into..lots of work for little pay off.  they say they check for authenic jeans... right.  super cheap stuff...its a flash in the pan company.

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I have bought 3 pairs of jeans from Vault Denim...big mistake!  I had to cancel my party because I have had so many friends complain about the jeans, no one wanted to go to another party!  The jeans cost anywhere from $50-$100 and are of very poor quality.  My buttons came off of my jeans BEFORE I EVEN WASHED THEM and the jewels were coming off of my pockets.  I asked for a refund for the jeans that I had purchased since I hadn't washed or hemmed the jeans, and I was rejected.  POOR customer service and VERY POOR quality denim.  This is definitely a business that I see going downhill.  I would be very embarrassed to be selling these jeans. 

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I tried to follow those links that you provided, and neither of them worked.

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I also tried to follow the links they provided some lady on facebook sent me a thing an wanted me to pay 159 bucks for a bunch of shit Im not putting my  money into something that I dont know isnt a scam

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