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Everyone can join in!
I've been a bit behind lately but I promise to update as soon as possible! You guys can PM me your requests as well.
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got pink fleurs!!!

want 80s wash crowns size 27/28
skinny jeans, librium, uranium, ephedrine, etc
nice crowns 28
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If you spot any lavender crowns in 28/27! but i'm afraid everyone would want to jump on those ;P i just looooovveee purple! .. hmm anything around that size in some kinda purple on the pockets ;P
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hello ms. crazy one! heheh. :P

lead pink fleurs & xanex pinks in a 26! weeeeeeeee /)_(\
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ohmigod, i've been looking for MONTHS for madrid crowns in 23 or 24. ANY leads would be totally appreciated. thanks in advance, you're totally an angel!!
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I would love, love, love a pair of fleurs in 26 or madrid crowns in 27 any color.
Thank you soooooooooooooo much
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at this point anything in a 29-30...this is war..i will find a pair that fits me
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or more like you will lol thanks!!
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I'm in the UK, but could you add me for any crystal crowns in 28 if they will ship international? (would even pay retail price if necessary).

Thanks very much
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Oh, How I have been searching for crowns in any color size 28/29 long inseam. If you could help that would be great You are so nice.
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any crowns in a size 24 =) thank you so much!
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just fyi guys, macchick isnt on the forum anymore.
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^ oh really? why? i was going to make a request here too.
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she's had someone hack into her paypal acct and she just wants to spend less time online and she didn't like some of the stuff going on here. she asked that both of her accounts from HF and AF be removed
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Aww, someone hack into her account? that sucks. hope she got it fixed now. is there bad stuff going on here? lol. i'm kinda clueless on that part. lol.
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she just doesn't want to be on here anymore
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oh.. thats too bad..
when did this happen?
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oh =( i didn't know. i hope everything is okay.
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Originally Posted by hot_chocolate View Post
oh.. thats too bad..
when did this happen?
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i emailed her she is fine, just being cautious after someone taking her details c/c extra...any messages and i will pass them on to her, sure she would appreciate it...did say hope in time she comes back on to the forum as she will be missed.
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yeah i told her she should come back too
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that makes me afraid of using paypal...ad least she can dispute any items that were charged on her CC...hopefully she'll be back soon...she had the ultimate collection
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