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Originally Posted by gapaholic13 View Post
Em, I got the LA crowns in 70's wash last week so I'm not totally crown deprived

Oh yeah I forgot!!!! Hee hee...what no pics?
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Need to shed a few before I can even wear them They only had a size down from my size down left
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Hi, I pm'd you. You are genuinely so nice to help other people. If anyone would like to sell a R&R in Crown (preferably blue) please let me know. I am new to R&R, and would just like to know if this was designed by Victoria Beckham? Thank you so much, Helga
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lead pink fleurs #1 28/29
i think its 60s wash? crowns, with light wash and light blue/green crowns 28
foam crowns? 28
any crowns 28
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I'd love a pair of crowns in a 25/26/27, but I think everyone here does.
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Wow, I go to sleep and this thread just explodes! It will take me a while to catch up, but I will update!
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You know what I want!! crowns in 28 in madrid and london in 29/30 Thanks!!
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I would give up whatevert I have that anyone would want for some foam ones the light wash
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i will love forever anyone who gets me a good deal on anything in my wishlist!!!
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white crystal crowns in 27/28. thanks darling =)
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you are the GREATEST

i'm looking for ANYTHING in 23 or 24... i just like pretty R's

thank you so much!!
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I wanna be on the list too!! can I? Puhlease..
I need London/LA crown, in dark washes sz 25 please.. Oh, and fleurs in sz 25 as well.. and, gosh, I could go on and on and on..
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You are the best! I am pining for a pair of xanex pinks, preferably kiedis (but anything will do) right now! I'd also love london crowns, but the xanexes are my priority. I'm a regular size 26. Thanks so much!
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OOOH...I"m looking for Crystal Crowns in a 26 or 25....but I think it's a long shot with so many people!
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Not looking for Crowns, but I tried on a pair of Scorpions in AGENT yesterday and they are so nice! I want one in a 28... if you see it for cheap, could you let me know? Freakin' retail is $335CAD and I'm like pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't mind paying retail on some stuff but that price is way too much!!
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Mind adding any Men's R&R's to your list? Any in a size 28.
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R&R crowns size 29
thank you so much!
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I love my idea... this list has helped me score crowns (or at least make them aware of) for 2 people now... keep it up ladies, I have no problem adding to the list!
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Thanks for your offer, this is great!

I am looking for Scorpions in quaalude size 29 or 30 and fleurs.
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I only want one pair right now...Madrid Crowns in black, size 29 if they fit true to size. I've never had a pair of crowns so I'm not sure how they fit.

If you see these, please let me know, I would really appreciate it! It's really sweet of you to do this for everyone...thanks so much!! =)
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Hi, I would really like madrid crowns in a size 32 or any high rise style. Preferably in a dark wash, please.
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I know you have a veeeeeeeeeery long list but I am desperate for blue crowns in a 28. Please let me know if you see anything. Thanks, you are supernice!!! Helga.
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oh my goodness I <3 you MacChick!
not only do you have an amazing R&R collection, you're such a sweetheart too
I'm just looking for anything in size 23/24 (like that's going to be easy, I look everyday! )
-methane berlins/jaggers
-lead pink fleurs
-xanax pink roths/kiedis

Thank you x a million!
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Pretty much any style crowns or roths with a 30" waist (15 flat) I'm looking to greatly expand my collection
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Oh oh can I join this list??? *raises hand*

Anything in 23 hehe...

Thankyou ma'am...
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